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How Clark Improved Video Consultation Conversions by 100%

Founded in 2015
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
How Clark Improved Video Consultation Conversions by 100%


At CLARK, simplicity is a core belief, driving their mission to redefine the insurance experience. Dedicated to assisting customers in effortlessly acquiring the right coverage at optimal prices, CLARK is at the forefront of bringing the insurance industry into the digital age.

With a commitment to transparency and fairness, CLARK empowers customers to digitally manage their insurance policies, providing timely notifications for tarif optimisation. This ensures that the entire process of purchasing and managing insurance is not only easy but also aligns with the evolving needs of their clients.


As Senior Sales Operations and Product Manager at CLARK, Max Faber is devoted to empowering the sales team. His mission involves equipping the team with a cutting-edge tool stack to optimize overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Before integrating Demodesk, customer consultations at CLARK primarily took place over the phone, presenting challenges in maintaining interaction consistency due to the lack of a standardized framework. This also resulted in limited process control. Phone sales failed to establish trust with prospects, leading to low conversion rates. The absence of transparency hindered coaching efforts to optimize performance. Moreover, onboarding new consultants was time-consuming without a digital consultation room featuring pre-loaded content.The team also struggled to keep customer data current in both the CRM and consulting content, requiring manual updates. In the CLARK app, although call bookings were available, no calendar events or automated reminders were sent to clients, contributing to a high no-show rate.

Recognizing the need for improvement, Max embarked on a mission to ensure a consistently high-quality consultation experience, especially during video calls. The goal was to find a solution that supports standardizing the digital consultation process, streamlining data maintenance, improving reachability and conversion rates, and automating processes.

Demodesk Solution

In their quest for a GDPR-compliant solution with servers in Germany seamlessly aligning with their operations, CLARK found Demodesk to be the perfect fit. Following a meticulous market evaluation, Demodesk emerged as the sole solution meeting all of Clark's requirements.

By taking advantage of Demodesk's pre-loaded playbooks, specific to the type of meeting (such as occupational disability insurance), CLARK can now effortlessly maintain and update their consulting process and content, which leads to a consistently high-quality experience for every customer.

The plug-and-play integration with their CRM allows for real-time input and customer data updates during consultations. Thanks to our deep API integration, CLARK has been able to create custom workflows by automating the process of turning app appointments into Demodesk meetings, sending reminders and displaying meeting information in their app, while also being able to track meeting information and show rates.

Moreover, Demodesk's insights and analytics furnish valuable data for coaching agents and ongoing optimization of the sales process, solidifying its role as an indispensable asset in CLARK's quest for operational excellence.

Demodesk is the #1 platform for online video consulting and digital sales

But there's more: Thanks to our close partnership with CLARK, we co-developed the product further to address the needs of the fast-evolving insurtech industry. In collaboration with the CLARK Operations and Tech Teams, we built an automated recording and transcription solution for the host audio. This solution helps CLARK scale their coaching capabilities and streamline their processes. Moving forward, CLARK plans to implement our new Coaching Plus and AI Solution to further invest in quality assurance activities and improve the performance of their consultants. If you're interested, contact us to learn how this solution can help you take your coaching game to the next level.

Demodesk Implementation

Guided by a dedicated Customer Success Manager from Demodesk, CLARK successfully completed the full setup and implementation of Demodesk in an impressive timeframe of less than three weeks. After a successful two-month pilot, with bi-weekly check-ins for collaboration and support, the roll-out to the entire team went smoothly.

Implementing Demodesk was easy, thanks to its plug-and-play integration with existing sales tools such as CRM, Mail, and Calendar systems. Our CRM and Sales process experts provided assistance and shared best practices from their extensive industry knowledge to ensure a smooth and optimized transition to the digital consultation experience.

This efficient process not only highlighted the user-friendly nature of Demodesk but also showcased the collaborative effort between CLARK's team and the dedicated support provided by Demodesk.


CLARK has been able to establish a standardized and outstanding digital consultation experience for their customers with the implementation of Demodesk. The sales consultation process has been completely digitized and standardized. This includes features like automated follow-up bookings and the ability to directly sign documents during live calls. These advancements are made possible through the use of a virtual browser that supports co-browsing and e-signature options. As a result, Clark's team can now conduct meetings with 25% shorter cycles, which has led to a remarkable increase in conversion rates by 100% (doubled).

A notable enhancement in show rates, up by 30%, underscores the heightened reachability achieved through Demodesk's automated email reminders. CLARK regularly uses Demodesk's insights to train their agents and improve their sales strategies, which helps them maintain their position as leaders in the dynamic digital insurance industry.

As a result, CLARK is now recognized as the leading company in the FinTech industry for digital insurance sales.

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Key Results

- Increased conversion rates in video consultations by 100%

- Achieved a fully standardized Consultation process

- Consistently high-quality customer experiences

- 25% decrease in Sales Cycle length

- Deeply integrated workflows and automations

- Enhanced CRM data quality and new tracking options for continuous Sales process optimization

- Attained full Process Control through pre-loaded playbooks, shadowing, deep CRM sync, and GDPR-compliant recordings

- Realized a 30% increase in Reachability through the implementation of automated notifications

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