AI Assistant

Never take notes again

Demodesk uses AI to transcribe and summarize your meetings, automatically document everything in your CRM, and create ready-to-send follow-up emails for you.

AI Assistance
Sales Representative

“I have 2x more time for managing my pipeline instead of doing admin.”

Sales Representative


“Demodesk saves me hours of times each week. I'd never go back.”

Account Executive

Customer success mgr

“Having the ability to actively listen and effectively take notes is a game changer.”

Customer Success Mgr.

Omnichannel experience

Demodesk joins your meetings and takes notes for you

  • The Demodesk Notetaker automatically joins your Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings
  • You don’t have to take notes ever again - Demodesk transcribes and translates your conversations in 98 languages

Let our AI condense calls into meaningful summaries

  • Demodesk automatically condenses transcripts into meaningful summaries so you can fully focus on the conversation
  • You can use our pre-built AI summaries (e.g. MEDDIC, BANT, Demo Call) or set up a custom structure that's built for your use-case
Collaborative virtual screen
Sales processes

Fully automate followup and CRM documentation

  • Copy/paste perfectly formatted summaries and action items into Google Docs, Gmail, or your favorite task manager
  • Automatically sync call notes and next steps to all the right places in your CRM (e.g. competitors, next steps, decision makers)
  • Let Demodesk generate follow-up emails ready to send to your customer to keep up deal momentum

Why Demodesk?

no process change

No process change

Demodesk processes calls without requiring any setup. You connect your calendar with Demodesk, everything else happens in the background.

More revenue

Set up in 10 seconds

Sign up in 10 seconds using your Google or Microsoft login. The Demodesk Notetaker automatically joins your meetings and does the magic.

New Customers

Designed by the best in sales

We’ve analyzed >1 million sales calls and worked with the best sales coaches on the planet to develop our Ai models.

Better service

GDPR compliant

Demodesk is made and hosted in secure data centers. Fully compliant with GDPR and all other data privacy and compliance regulations.

Process control

Works across platforms

Demodesk natively integrates into all major calendar, CRM, meeting, engagement and dialing systems, and offers a flexible API integration.

More insights

Secure & Private

Demodesk prioritizes security. We encrypt recordings, both at rest and in transit, along with authorization, log monitoring and comprehensive security protocols.

Demodesk seamlessly works with your existing stack

Demodesk integrationsDemodesk integrations

Never take notes again

Demodesk star


Demodesk star