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How you present is everything

Screen sharing redefined for Sales and Success teams

Say goodbye to traditional screen sharing for good.
Demodesk is the first entirely cloud-based online meeting tool that lets you share your screen through a dedicated virtual desktop.

We make conferencing painless and automate scheduling & preparation to help you sell more and increase customer retention.

Demodesk includes a meeting dashboard, customizable templates for meeting preparation, booking links for automated scheduling and integrations.

No downloads

Demodesk is entirely cloud-based. You and your customers never have to download or install anything.

All browsers and devices

The platform runs on all devices and smartphones and works with all browsers, down to Internet Explorer 9.

Blazing speed

Vastly outperforms traditional screen sharing in both latency and throughput.

Interactive meetings

Mouse and keyboard control can be shared with multiple parties for collaborative browsing and editing.

Make screen sharing a painless process

Our innovative approach to screen sharing is easier, faster and more secure than traditional solutions. Users can instantly join, securely share content inside a browser tab, and participate in interactive meetings.

Demodesk is entirely cloud-based, easy to use, runs on all browsers and devices without any downloads or plugins, is >5x faster than traditional technologies, doesn't lag, and enables collaborative browsing and editing.

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Demodesk redefines screen sharing: Not sharing your local desktop screen but rendering shared content on a secure virtual desktop in the cloud

Experience effortless conferencing

A conference line is created automatically for every meeting. Customers can instantly dial in with no downloads required. Demodesk can even call you.

Upgrade your conversation with beautifully integrated video calling in the same browser tab.

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Demodesk browser-based screen sharing tool includes audio and video conferencing

Automate preparation and scheduling

Stop wasting time on repetitive scheduling and preparation tasks.
Automatically load content when your meeting starts, customize invites & reminders and create booking links with our automated scheduling feature.

Demodesk even integrates with your favorite email and CRM tools.

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Demodesk includes a meeting dashboard, customizable templates for meeting preparation, booking links for automated scheduling and integrations.

Trusted by high performing sales and customer success teams

"Demodesk is the best screen sharing tool for SaaS. It works always, is intuitive to use and integrates with our workflows. Five weeks into Demodesk, we see significantly higher conversion rates for our product demos. Most sales executives are up 15-20%."

Hanno Renner, CEO Personio.

Hanno Renner, CEO

"Since we started using Demodesk for our onboarding process, we have seen customer retention rates increasing by about 20%. With Demodesk I can easily share mouse control with my customers and engage them in the conferencing session. That was a real game changer for us."

Laurenz Kalthoff, VP Customer Success Building Radar.

Laurenz Kalthoff, VP Customer Success

"We’ve tried many different screen sharing tools but we weren’t happy with any of them. Demodesk finally solves the screen sharing pain. My sales reps are now 5-10% more productive each day. And Demodesk took our product demos to a more professional level."

Mathias Salomon, Head of Growth FreightHub.

Mathias Salomon, Head of Growth

"We use Demodesk for customer support. With Demodesk I see the exact same screen as my customer and can guide him through our webapp. In order to share the screen, the customer only needs to click on a link. No log-ins, no headache."

Max Schuetz, COO Kisi.

Max Schuetz, COO

Improve your remote customer interactions.
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