About us

Who we are

Demodesk is a Munich-based company, founded byAlexandVeronikain 2017. We are an international and interdisciplinary team of passionate colleagues and tech enthusiasts.

What drives us

We founded Demodesk to help modern organizations have better customer conversations.

Screen Sharing and Conferencing with currently available tools is a pain: Complex, ineffective and not built for the cloud age. We found that on average 5-10 min per online meeting is needed to overcome technical set-up difficulties due to downloads, firewall problems or system incompatibility. Inefficiencies continue during the meeting: High latency and suboptimal resolution on the customer side, unprofessional pop-up notifications and confidential data being shared, fumbling around finding and going back and forth between multiple documents during the meeting.

But it’s not only about the screen sharing functionality: 80% of the customer conversation is still guesswork. For example in sales, the conversation is to a large extent driven by the individual gut feeling and past experience of the sales rep. This often results in a listing of product features rather than solving the customer’s problem. Low transparency on the customer’s personality and reaction does not make it better. For executives, the sales conversation is mostly a black box with limited insight into success factors and conversion drivers beyond obvious facts.

Our vision

We started with developing a proprietary technology that solves the sceen sharing pain for web-based content. Combined with conferencing functionalities and automation features, we created a powerful tool for modern inside sales and customer success teams.

Our vision is to build the first smart platform for remote customer interaction: Everybody should be able to give a great sales demo, onboard customers faster, or support them in real-time - no matter his knowledge and prior experience. Even though some basic customer interactions will be replaced by chatbots and other automated loops, we strongly believe that the human conversation will remain the central part in B2B customer interactions. We want to use modern technology to support humans in having better customer conversations by making them more efficient, more effective and more fun.

Why join us?

Office in the heart of Munich (Luisenstraße). International and interdisciplinary team of
passionate colleagues and tech enthusiasts.

Technically demanding product with a unique international value proposition. High self responsibility, steep learning curve.

Healthy snacks and coffee flatrate
Team events and unlimited re-energize time.
High flexibility in working hours.