Salesforce Integration

Keep Salesforce up-to-date without ever opening the platform, track activities and streamline workflows for ultimate efficiency

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Track meetings and activities automatically

Eliminate manual data entry and inaccurate reporting by automatically creating new events for every booked meeting through Demodesk.

Automatically create new contacts and update Salesforce fields as meetings are booked. You can also relate meetings to opportunites and any custom object.

Track Demodesk meetings and activities automatically in Salesforce

Use Salesforce fields to automate scheduling

Use dynamic meeting templates to automatically create and send calendar invites. Personalize them at scale by using dynamic tokens - link them to any Salesforce field and let Demodesk pull the right information in the background.

Schedule your Demodesk meetings right out of any Salesforce object.

Use Salesforce fields to automate meeting scheduling

Have customer data available in the meeting

Link Salesforce fields with your Demodesk playbook to have all relevant data available in real-time, during the customer call.

Demodesk will pull in the current information for that field and give you the ability to edit/update the information.

Have customer data available in the Demodesk meeting

Automatically document meetings in Salesforce

Skip manual documentation tasks and let Demodesk automatically update Salesforce without every opening the platform. After your meeting has ended, you can sync all meeting details back to Salesforce. Update Salesforce objects and fields, log meeting notes or create activities without the hassle.

Automatically document meetings in Salesforce

Optimize meeting conversion rates

Track every stage of the meeting process, including bookings, meetings held, no-shows, reschedules, and cancellations. Build reports in Salesforce to better understand and optimize your meeting scheduling metrics.

Optimize meeting conversion rates

Make the most out of every customer conversation.

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