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Our Demodesk integration for Pipedrive keeps your Pipedrive data accurate and adds insights and intelligence. Reps won't need to spend time manually updating Pipedrive anymore, Pipedrive data can be used to personalize scheduling and meeting workflows, and users can access information from Pipedrive within Demodesk.

Create events in Pipedrive

Demodesk instantly generates activities in Pipedrive as meetings are scheduled, populating the record with vital information such as hosts, participants, bookers, booking questions, and any customized data crucial to your organization.

Update and create contacts in Pipedrive

When scheduling meetings, Demodesk automatically generates new persons or deals in Pipedrive. If the person already exists in Pipedrive, the activities will be added to any Pipedrive record.

Route by Pipedrive ownership

When scheduling meetings, Demodesk automatically looks up and matches known contacts and companies in Pipedrive. This ensures that known leads and existing customers book appointments with the right team member without any manual follow-up or reassignment.

Auto-sync meeting notes to Pipedrive

After the meeting concludes, easily review and edit meeting notes, follow-ups, recordings, tags, and AI summaries within an intuitive and user-friendly interface. With just one click, seamlessly sync all this information directly to Pipedrive.

Build custom workflows

We assist you in creating tailored workflows within Demodesk. 
Reach out to our sales team for additional details.


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