Content Management


Keep your sales narrative consistent by accessing Guru content in every meeting. Handle objections at scale without ever opening the Guru platform.

  • Easily sync Guru cards to Demodesk
  • Search & verify that Guru cards are up-to-date
  • Tackle sales objections by accessing all Guru content in your meetings


Use the Guru integration with Demodesk to align your entire team with the right sales collateral and easily handle objections in real-time - during every customer call.

  • Easily sync your Guru content to Demodesk Battlecards so that all the right collateral is available during every meeting.
  • Always know what content is up-to-date with Guru status verification & linking to the original content in Guru.
  • View & search both Guru and Demodesk Battlecards by relevance including text, videos, gifs, tables, and more.

About Guru

Guru is a knowledge management software that allows you to collaborate with your team no matter where they are working from. It helps teams keep all their company information accessible across every app in their tech stack.

With Guru you can reduce new-hire ramp time, drive amazing customer experiences, make your team more collaborative and productive… or all of the above. Start building a valuable knowledge network for your team.

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