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Best Tech Stack to Automate Your Sales Process

Best Tech Stack to Automate Your Sales Process
Alex Popp
May 27, 2021

If you are looking to increase your team's effectiveness, a practical approach is to incorporate a sales automation system. Sales automation offers a way to streamline daily tasks and reduce the tech stack for a more straightforward sales process.

Using sales automation tools can also lead to these beneficial outcomes:

  1. Increased productivity
    Automated software can eliminate administrative and time-consuming tasks. This allows reps to be more productive with their time and focus on closing sales.
  2. Higher customer satisfaction
    Automated communication and AI-powered chat features can assist in reducing response time to customer inquiries. As a result, increased client satisfaction leads to higher retention rates and a more positive customer experience overall.
  3. Consistent data
    Automation ensures that data entry remains consistent and avoids the potential of human error. Moreover, it ensures accurate reporting and reliable pipeline information for managers.

Sales automation tools help to create a more cohesive internal framework, making it valuable to the entire organization.

Top sales automation tools

There is an abundance of effective sales automation tools on the market. These are just a few examples of software that can be useful throughout the sales cycle. (It’s important to note that many of these tools are multipurpose — making them effective throughout the entire sales process.)




Hunter is a leading tool for cold outreach and sales automation. With Hunter tools, you’ll be able to automate the entire cold sales cycle: you can easily find and verify prospects’ email addresses and send them personalized cold outreach emails from the same place. Hunter is used now by 3,000,000 professionals working in sales, marketing, human resources, and other industries.

Key features:

  • Precise email lookup tools
  • Powerful email verification
  • Cold outreach automation just in a few clicks

Price breakdown

  • Generous free plan that includes 25 email lookup and 50 verification requests, also it includes free cloud outreach automation; paid plans start at $49/month.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a widely used tool in today’s workforce. And their Sales Navigator feature enhances the prospecting process for reps. With their advanced lead search and AI-automated recommendations, the program makes prospecting and outreach seamless. In addition, the software offers real-time updates and insights to deliver the best quality leads. Supporting automation tools can further streamline many of the processes like gathering data, sending bulk messages, and automating personalized replies.

Key features:

  • Advanced lead and company filter options
  • Extended Network access like unlimited search and save capabilities
  • Recommendations and insights

Price breakdown:

  • Free 30-day trial, then multiple tiers available starting at $79.99/user/month (or $64.99/user/month if billed annually).


This software makes prospecting even easier with an automatic list builder and information verification. In addition, this platform combines outreach tasks — like email, follow-ups, and calls — into one customizable, multichannel campaign. also analyses each campaign for helpful insights on how to improve future performance.

Key features:

  • Automated outreach tools and list builder
  • Fully accessible through a Google Chrome extension
  • Two-way sync ability with CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot

Price breakdown:

  • $89/month (or $78/month if billed annually) for the Essential plan or $149/month (or $129/month annually) for the Business plan. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.



Lusha guarantees the highest contact information accuracy rate across the industry. This makes it an impressive prospecting partner for sales reps. The focus on contact data efficiency ensures that the reps are only receiving high-quality leads. This allows building a solid list while reducing prospecting time.

Key features:

  • Proven 81% accuracy rate with contact information
  • Web extension and API capabilities
  • Bulk research ability for more enriched prospect lists

Price breakdown:

  • Free starter plan option with multiple tiers available starting at $89/user/month (or $71/user/month if billed annually).

Lead Enrichment



Zoominfo is a B2B database software that uses sales intelligence to maximize lead generation productivity. This platform uses an advanced identification and verification system that generates a comprehensive database for reps to utilize with ease. Zoominfo also offers an AI-powered Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) which scores each lead based on customizable parameters.

Key features:

  • Advanced tailoring capabilities for company searches
  • Access to insights like company Org charts and job changes
  • The dedicated research team for consistent company insights

Price breakdown:

  • Free 14-day trial, then pricing available upon request.



Clearbit approaches lead enrichment by incorporating both AI and manual quality assurance to refresh contact information every 30 days. It also uses this data for lead scoring and routing, along with analysis intelligence to instantly provide context for each potential customer.

Key features:

  • Real-time weighting and scoring of information
  • Consistent data verification with a full refresh every 30 days
  • Enriched lists with over 100+ data points and insights

Price breakdown:

  • Pricing is based on a company’s specific terms, so only available upon request.



This lead enrichment platform utilizes its own patented Revenue AI technology to create granular views of prospective clients. Cognism uses an event-based approach through actionable insights analytics — like predicting which prospects would be most likely to buy and determining optimal outreach times.

Key features:

  • Revenue AI that can predict sales likelihood and new targets
  • Automated alerts with specific sales trigger events
  • Seamless CRM integrations

Price breakdown:

  • Pricing is custom, so only available upon request.




Salesforce has many high-performing functionalities in its software, which is why it’s the number one CRM in the world. The real-time dashboard in particular is customizable and user-friendly, making tracking and forecasting simple and efficient. Additionally, the Sales Cloud Einstein feature analyses client engagement data along with external business trends for greater predictability and higher win rates.

Key features:

  • Data models and workflows based on specific industry
  • Real-time reports and dashboards for consistent viewability
  • Lead management and campaign optimization for higher conversion rates

Price breakdown:

  • Free 14-day trial, then multiple packages and tiers available with the Sales Cloud plan starting at $25/user/month.

hubspot sales hub

Hubspot: Sales Hub

Hubspot is one of the most popular sales automation software available. Their Sales Hub platform in particular includes impressive features like automatic contact creation, customer conversation history, and sales engagement tools. Additionally, the software offers quote functionality options as well as sales analytics and reporting features.

Key features:

  • Built-in and automatic customer engagement history for insights
  • Conversation intelligence and sales management playbooks for coaching
  • Centralized document management library and tracking capabilities

Price breakdown:

  • Free CRM tools and features, then multiple tiers available starting at $50/month (or $45/month if billed annually).

close io


This high-performance CRM software enhances the sales workflow by automatically organizing all tasks into one synchronized Inbox. Close also offers an impressive, built-in calling tool — including a Power Dialer to move through lead lists quickly, a Predictive Dialer for call routing, and even real-time call coaching.

Key features:

  • Simple, user-friendly interface design
  • All tasks synced to one location for easy priority planning
  • Built-in virtual phone system for maximum outreach optimization

Price breakdown:

  • Free 14-day trial, then multiple tiers available starting at $25//user/month (or $21.25/user/month if billed annually).



Pipedrive prides itself on its ability to improve closure rates by 28% — referencing its signature sales pipeline system as the way to success. The platform includes features like metric-based insights and reporting, along with communication tracking and an AI-powered sales mentor that provides performance tips and guidance.

Key features:

  • Fully customizable CRM to make company-specific pipeline structure
  • Interactive and shareable visual dashboards
  • Mobile app available with 200+ app integrations

Price breakdown:

  • Free 14-day trial, then multiple tiers available starting at $18/user/month (or $12.50/user/month if billed annually).

Email templates and proofreading


Drip Scripts

If writing email scripts is taking up a considerable amount of time, then Drip Scripts is the solution software. In three easy steps, reps can select a template and customize an email sequence with the help of an email editor. Drip Scripts specifically uses templates with a proven track record of lead conversion, so sales teams know they will be set up for success.

Key features:

  • Customizable email sequences
  • Previously-tested copy with proven conversions
  • Email editor tips, guidance, and recommendations

Price breakdown:

  • Free access.



Grammarly is like having an automated writing tutor on the computer. This AI-powered writing assistance tool helps with grammar and spelling, as well as establishing the tone of each email. The platform also has comprehensive, real-time feedback which ensures that each message is clear and concise.

Key features:

  • Enables bold and mistake-free writing
  • Tone detector for even more intelligent recommendations
  • Chrome extension capabilities

Price breakdown:

  • Free Basic plan with the option to upgrade to Premium (for individuals) or Business (for teams). The Premium plan starts at $12/month and the Business plan starts at $12.50/user/month.

Sales email & call automation



Salesloft is a software that streamlines the email outreach process so reps can reach more buyers quickly. This platform offers customizable templates and integration tools to easily personalize every email communication. In addition, all emails sent to customers are trackable — even automatically routing the responses through the relevant internal workflow.

Key features:

  • Deliverability dashboards for minimal email bounces
  • Scalable email campaigns with customizable templates and quick personalization
  • Tracking capabilities for seamless conversations

Price breakdown:

  • Plans based on business needs, so only available upon request.



This software focuses on optimizing an outreach strategy for a smarter and more effective sales process. Outreach utilizes email testing capabilities which allow reps to determine which approach and content will deliver the best results. The platform also includes AI-based insights to review customer communications and recommend the best next steps.

Key features:

  • Communication sequence system to organize daily outreach tasks
  • Buyer Sentiment Analysis tool for precise insights into buyers
  • Outreach Success Plan system for real-time customer visibility

Price breakdown:

  • Pricing is available upon request.



Reply is a sales enablement software that automates and scales the outreach process. It combines outreach from multiple channels — calls, emails, LinkedIn messages, and SMS — to drive customer engagement. It also incorporates an AI email assistant that reports the likelihood of a response. Also, it offers sequence templates and A/B testing capabilities.

Key features:

  • Email warm-up tool and AI email assistant for an increased response rate
  • Contact management and outreach organization
  • Personalized multi-channel sequences

Price breakdown:

  • Free 14-day trial, then multiple Individual and Business tiers available starting at $70/user/month.
call hippo


CallHippo is a virtual business phone system designed to meet the unique communication needs of organizations of all types and sizes. The telephone solution comes with many advanced features & functionalities such as IVR, Smart Switch, Automatic Call Distribution, Speech Analytics, Call Tracking, and more. These features assist businesses in establishing or expanding their presence, efficiently serving their customers, and propelling business growth.

Key Features:

  • Various types of virtual phone numbers
  • Automatic Call Distribution, Speech Analytics, & Call Tracking
  • 24-7 customer support

Price Breakdown:

  • CallHippo offers four plans starting at $16 per user /month, billed anually

Automatic scheduling



Calendly is automated scheduling software that makes setting up sales calls truly effortless. The program auto-creates an individualized scheduling link that allows clients to find a mutual meeting time with just a few clicks. Calendly also automates group scheduling, a plus for companies that host virtual training sessions and webinars.

Key features:

  • Customizable availability preferences
  • Instant booking and confirmation
  • Automatic reminders and easy rescheduling

Price breakdown:

  • Free version available. Free 14-day trial for Professional plans, then multiple tiers available starting at $10/month (or $8/month if billed annually).

Sales call coaching

Be sure to also check out our full list of coaching software tools here!



Gong uses customer engagement and interaction data to create real-time market insights for a smarter sales process. This complete view into the customer interaction history enhances sales calls with data-driven feedback and recommendations. Recorded calls can also be shared and reviewed across the sales team — allowing reps to learn from each other.

Key Features:

  • Revenue intelligence to maximize customer interactions
  • Transparency across the team for success replication
  • AI-based recommendations for improved performance

Price Breakdown:

  • Pricing is custom, so only available upon request.



Chorus utilizes sales communication analysis to enhance performance and improve win rates. The AI-powered system uses conversation intelligence to deliver feedback for every customer interaction. In addition, the engagement history is stored in one, easily accessible location. Furthermore, Chorus delivers automatic coaching recommendations and insights so reps can grow with each sales call.

Key features:

  • The conversation intelligence tool offers personalised feedback for each rep
  • Visibility into all customer interactions for full context and insights
  • Granular metrics based on conversation topics and trends

Price breakdown:

  • Free Demo available. Pricing upon request.

Contract and E-Signatures



DocuSign is known for its easy e-signature feature that streamlines the entire closing process. In addition, the platform has an Agreement Cloud, which integrates with your CRM to auto-generate business documents. This feature also utilizes AI-powered analytics to assist in the negotiation stage.

Key features:

  • Manages preparation, negotiation, signature, and storage of documents
  • API capability to connect to internal document workflow
  • 350+ integrations including Salesforce and Google Suite

Price breakdown:

  • Free 30-day trial, then E-Signature Plans start at $15/month (or $10/month if billed annually). Agreement Cloud/Advanced Solutions plan pricing only.



PandaDoc is a sales automation software that upgrades a current document workflow into one, seamless system. The software includes easy proposal creation, interactive quotes, contract generation, and tracking capabilities. Importantly, companies who have used PandaDoc saw a 50% decrease in time spent creating documents!

Key features:

  • Approval of workflows and templates with custom branding options
  • Detailed analytics for insights
  • Automatic notifications and reminders

Price breakdown:

  • Free eSign plan available. Free 14-day trial, then multiple tiers available starting at $29/user/month (or $19/user/month if billed annually).



This proposal software gives reps the ability to create and manage proposals and contracts. Proposify has a centralized library where sales organizations can store pre-approved templates, which helps to streamline the internal sign-off process. A client’s interaction with the proposal is trackable, which gives reps better insight to re-engage at the most opportune moment.

Key features:

  • Aids in building a predictable and scalable closing process
  • Customizable permission parameters for approval workflows
  • Live activity feed and deal dashboard for real-time insights

Price breakdown:

  • Free plan available. Free 14-day trial, then multiple tiers available starting at $49/user/month.
automating scheduling workflows and CRM logging

How to choose your sales automation tools?

Sales automation tools can be incorporated throughout different stages in your sales process. However, you first need to determine where it can be most useful for your sales team. You can do this by asking yourself the following questions:

What are your top priorities?

What are the goals for your sales team? Where could your team use the additional support? Review your team’s metrics and consult with your reps. See where those gaps are within your sales process and determine what is needed to reach your goals.

How can you adjust the system to reach those goals?

Once you pinpoint your obstacles, you can determine which sales automation tools can best help with streamlining the process. For an even easier transition, take note of the software that offers integrations with programs you already use.

Meanwhile, be sure not to overload on automation — instead, think of automation as a complement to your sales process. It should work with your established internal framework to fulfill your team’s needs.

Final Thoughts

Overall, incorporating sales automation tools within your organization will lead to greater productivity and revenue. Companies that use sales automation achieve 53% higher conversion rates and a 3.1% higher revenue growth rate annually. By establishing a sales automation system, you can create a more effective process. This will have a lasting impact on the company’s future growth and success.

To boost sales productivity with an all-in-one automation tool, try Demodesk. You can automate various sales processes like:

  • Automated Scheduling
  • Automated CRM data logging
  • Meeting prep automatically load playbooks for every meeting
  • Sales reporting & coaching

Try Demodesk out for yourself and sign up for a free trial. Or learn more about smart process automation and schedule a demo with someone from our team.

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