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Record, transcribe, translate & analyze all meetings, and coach teams at scale using cutting edge AI - works with your favorite conferencing or dialing software.

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CRM Automation

Spend more time selling

Automatically update your CRM after every meeting with event activity, call notes, recordings and follow-ups.

Save hours of time by automating manual data entry and increase data transparency across the team.

Automate CRM Admin
sync meeting notes directly to your CRM

Automate CRM admin

Save time by updating your CRM without ever leaving the call.

Take notes directly in your Demodesk meeting and automatically sync them to your CRM. Easily update events, contacts, opportunities, next steps or any other fields.

Better data in your CRM

Get full visibility on all meeting activity.

Log custom event data like meetings, no-show rates, call length, participants or playbook used.

Demodesk's Insights & Analytics dashboard
Schedule out of your CRM

Schedule without leaving your CRM

Demodesk provides a pain-free way to schedule meetings with customers directly from your CRM.

From any contact record, you can book meetings with the right rep in seconds – goodbye juggling multiple calendars and manual invites.

Access CRM data on-demand

During a call, access any CRM data you need without ever leaving the meeting.

Easily pull up customer or account info in real-time, and use custom linked fields to make any updates in your CRM.

Use custom tokens to personalize demos

Start converting meetings into revenue today

Automatically update your CRM

Supercharge your entire sales stack with Demodesk.

4 Playbook Templates for Stronger Sales Calls

Create a consistent sales narrative for your team, faster

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