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16 Top Sales Coaching Software to Help You Level Up Your Game

16 Top Sales Coaching Software to Help You Level Up Your Game
Lauren Wright
April 23, 2021

Investing in sales coaching software and programs is one of the most important, actionable steps you can take toward creating a successful sales organization. Both managers and sales reps can benefit from effective sales coaching by utilizing these integrated tools and resources.

Top sales coaching software:

  1. Demodesk
  4. Brainshark
  5. RingDNA
  6. MindTickle
  7. SalesLoft
  8. SalesHood
  9. Ambition
  10. SmartWinnr

According to a report by Forbes Insight and Brainshark, 74% of leading companies cite coaching and mentoring of sales reps as the most important role for sales managers. Aside from the importance of implementing a teaching structure, it’s also key to select a sales coaching platform that makes the most sense for you and your team.

So, what information do you need to decide on the right software? Here are some places to start:

  • Direct feedback from your reps
    What do they feel is missing from their seller toolkit? If applicable, where are your current programs working and where are they failing?
  • Recommendations from other sales coaches
    Asking for opinions from other sales leaders is a great way to get honest reviews and insights about different programs.
  • Interpretation and analysis of your current data
    Where do you need the most assistance? Maybe you could stand to improve outreach communication or deal-closing proficiency? Once you determine the gaps, you can narrow down your coaching software selections.

One piece of advice to keep in mind — you do not need to invest in an assortment of new coaching programs. Instead of integrating multiple products, the quality and fit of the software are the most important. The type of program you select should create an efficient process for everyone.

Choosing the right tools for sales coaching

Common features of sales coaching platforms

Before you select the perfect sales coaching software for your team, ensure that it has the basic components needed to be the most effective tool for you and your reps. Here are some common features found in sales coaching platforms:

Sales call analysis

An important factor in a sales coaching program is the ability to record sales calls. Even more so if it also includes data insights and automatic documentation like deal stage analysis, length of the call, topics discussed, and follow-up action plans.

Artificial intelligence (AI) feedback/scoring

AI-based feedback and scoring on communication skills and presentation recordings are incredibly useful tools for your sales reps. Besides, video recording capability also allows reps to practice their pitches and receive direct manager feedback and notes.

Video coaching/training

A great element is the ability to hold coaching sessions virtually and for training to be accessible from anywhere, anytime. This type of digital one-on-one offering is especially helpful if you have remote sales reps.


Most programs have integration offerings for different types of CRMs, calendar programs, and presentation tools (like Demodesk!)

Every organization has its own requirements for the software. Your main goal should be ensuring that the program you select will increase the quality of your sales calls and directly impact the revenue for your team.

Hep reps hit quota with better coaching

Popular sales coaching software

Luckily, there are many sales coaching platforms and tools out in the market. Here are just a few examples and where they can be useful within your sales organization:


Demodesk is a sales meeting platform that allows revenue leaders to guide reps in real-time and coach at scale. The platform gives team members and managers an overview of all meetings taking place so they can shadow meetings on the go for coaching purposes or help new reps ramp up faster. It’s kind of like a virtual sales floor except the people shadowing the meeting never interrupt the customer conversation.

Demodesk also helps sales leaders standardize pitches with content during the meeting to make sure they have everything they need – no matter what curveball the prospect throws their way.

chorus: sales coaching tool

Chorus is a conversation intelligence platform — meaning it focuses on sales conversation analysis to enhance performance and increase revenue. This platform is helpful for sales call coaching specifically. It uses AI-powered transcription, recording, and feedback from each customer interaction. It also delivers data-driven insights to suggest areas for improvement and growth.

Gong: sales coaching tool

Gong is a platform that incorporates multiple types of intelligence to create its informative Revenue Intelligence software. It uses client interaction data as well as deal, market, and people intelligence to drive up revenue. Using these variables, sales reps can determine deal and/or churn risks quickly and understand what is happening in the market in real-time. The people intelligence data allows sales managers to compare the individual actions of their sales reps and determine how to replicate the most successful behaviors across the team.

Brainshark: sales coaching tool


Brainshark is a platform that enhances sales preparedness and enablement for sellers. This software incorporates training at every level — from onboarding new reps with readiness scorecards and video practicing capability to giving sales coaches the option to create and upload their own training content. Brainshark also offers a variety of resources and content in its own extensive Sales Enablement Resource center.

ringdna: sales coaching tool


RingDNA is one of the top choices for Salesforce customers when it comes to a sales enablement and productivity platform. This product uses AI-powered data to enhance sales engagement and performance and increase prospective insights and sales coaching tools. RingDNA also has specific productivity devices like the Intelligent Dialer, where reps can leave pre-recorded voicemails and have easy access to calling from anywhere, allowing them to move more efficiently through their prospect lists.

mindtickle: sales caching tooll


MindTickle is a comprehensive sales readiness and training platform that empowers sales reps through engagement and consistent upskilling. This software focuses on creating unique and customizable sales enablement programs, which is especially useful in reducing ramp time with the onboarding and training process. It also includes a sales capability index, which allows the sales manager to see correlation trends between readiness and performance.



Salesloft is software that streamlines the sales process across all areas of the organization. This platform ensures that sales managers get accurate forecast and activity information without the need for time-consuming data entry. SalesLoft also offers specific packages based on the needs of the organization, whether it is lead generation, increasing win rates, lifecycle improvements, or the post-sale customer experience. This also means the product is built for teams across the company, including marketing and customer success.



SalesHood combines sales enablement information and easily accessible coaching content, making it a great choice for remote teams. This platform encourages coaches to create personalized workflows for their sales reps based on data and insights, which can lead to higher levels of productivity and motivation. An added bonus? The platform also includes readily available templates for business reviews and one-on-one meetings for an even easier way to implement an effective coaching process.



Ambition is a sales management software that specializes in coaching and gamification, which means it’s a great program to use for continual sales training, setting monthly objectives, and creating motivational competitions for the team. If you are looking to move an already existing framework online, this product also has the ability to showcase central dashboards for easy visibility, incorporate sales scorecards and contest templates, and organize your weekly one-on-one meetings with your sales reps by preparing action plans and metrics.



SmartWinnr is a comprehensive software that is focused on continual product knowledge training, sales motivation and productivity through gamification. This product also includes video-based and field coaching. It enables to give both quantitative and qualitative feedback to recorded practice pitches. The SmartWinnr platform also incorporates its own coaching framework — practice, assessment, gamification, and sharing across the team.

Management training programs

Sales coaching tools are not only for the sales reps — but the coaches themselves also need the training to become the most effective teacher for their team. Here are some comprehensive training programs to check out:

RAIN Sales Coaching

RAIN Group is a global sales training company that offers many comprehensive programs. As part of the sales coaching program specifically, instructors offer onsite workshops, online lessons, and individual team assessments for a customizable training curriculum. RAIN also helps sales coaches establish a teaching framework by offering applicable coaching tools and reference guides.

Richardson Sales Performance

Richardson Sales Performance offers a Developmental Sales Coaching training program that focuses on how sales managers can use self-exploration to enhance their behavioral skills. This program focuses on how to establish open and honest communication with sales reps.

Miller Heiman Group

Miller Heiman Group offers their Professional Sales Coaching program to sales managers who hope to create a stronger skill set and a solid coaching framework to lead their teams. This teacher-led training focuses on all aspects of effective sales coaching including collaboration, communication, and culture.

Sales Readiness Group

SRG offers not one, but two different types of training. Their High-Impact Sales Manager training is a skill-based program that covers sales coaching, managing a sales pipeline, and recruiting top sales talent. Their High-Impact Sales Coaching training is for sales managers who would like to enhance and grow their coaching skills specifically— this program includes how to create a personalized coaching plan and a productive sales team culture.

Franklin Covey

Franklin Covey is a global business consulting organization that aims to help companies achieve greater results through enhanced performance. They offer an impressive amount of training for all areas of business. It includes project management, education, and of course, sales leadership. Their sales leadership training includes an assigned Sales Performance expert who can determine the best program route for each company.

Coaching & Sales Institute

Coaching & Sales Institute has an assortment of sales coaching programs, based on the needs and goals of the sales leader. These programs include Coaching with Integrity, Coaching for Better Results, and Sales Coaching to Drive Sales. These programs include comprehensive lesson plans, modules, and goals, so you are set up for success.


DSG offers a Sales Leader Development Program that is useful for reps who have recently become sales leaders and are looking for help in the transition. This program uses a combination of in-person and virtual training which includes role-play, one-on-one coaching calls, and individual exercises. Some topics covered include different specialized types of coaching, assessing sales talent, and creating a business plan.

Studies have shown that quality sales coaching can increase a rep’s performance up to 20%. An increased performance also leads to improved sales skills, more engagement, and a higher level of retention across your team. Choosing to invest in sales coaching software is one of the top ways to reach your goals more efficiently. Using these products and programs is the most advantageous path to a more knowledgeable, skillful, and successful sales organization.

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