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Analyze & coach at scale

Get better visibility & understand why top sales reps are successful. Use these insights to coach reps at scale & ramp reps faster with real-time shadowing and analytics.

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Analyze & Coach

Understand what converts

Effortless call shadowing helps you get insight into how reps sell. Use meeting insights to give your reps better feedback in real-time by joining live meetings as a shadow participant – without being seen or heard.

Record sales calls automatically – access & share them from your dashboard via a simple link.

Coach & onboard reps, faster

Standardized sales collateral and meeting recordings  enables your team to sell smarter and understand what converts.

Access all sales content & recordings from your dashboard to easily share them & uncover growth opportunities.

Get better visibility & CRM data

Get full visibility into all meeting activities & increase CRM hygiene by automating data entry.

Automatically log custom event info like meetings, no-show rates, call length, participants or playbook used to increase data accuracy & transparency across the team.

Understand rep performance & find what converts by analyzing meeting data, reports, and recordings at scale.

Supercharge your entire sales stack

Convert more meetings into revenue

Level Up Your Team with Better Coaching

Including insights from top revenue leaders & coaches

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