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13 Best Sales Coaching Tools to Up Your Sales Game

13 Best Sales Coaching Tools to Up Your Sales Game
Sarah Wisbey
October 9, 2023

Investing in sales coaching software and programs is one of the most important, actionable steps you can take toward creating a successful sales organization. Both managers and sales reps can benefit from effective sales coaching by utilizing these integrated tools and resources.

Top sales coaching tools:

  1. Demodesk
  4. Allego
  5. Salesloft
  6. Qstream
  7. Clari Copilot
  8. Hubspot Sales Hub
  9. ClearSlide
  10. SalesHood
  12. Lessonly by Seismic
  13. MindTickle

According to a report by Forbes Insight and Brainshark, 74% of leading companies cite coaching and mentoring of sales reps as the most important role for sales managers. Aside from the importance of implementing a teaching structure, it’s also key to select a sales coaching platform that makes the most sense for you and your team.

So, what information do you need to decide on the right software? Here are some places to start:

  • Direct feedback from your reps
    What do they feel is missing from their seller toolkit? If applicable, where are your current programs working and where are they failing?
  • Recommendations from other sales coaches
    Asking for opinions from other sales leaders is a great way to get honest reviews and insights about different programs.
  • Interpretation and analysis of your current data
    Where do you need the most assistance? Maybe you could stand to improve outreach communication or deal-closing proficiency? Once you determine the gaps, you can narrow down your coaching software selections.

One piece of advice to keep in mind — you do not need to invest in an assortment of new coaching programs. Instead of integrating multiple products, the quality and fit of the software are the most important. The type of program you select should create an efficient process for everyone.

Choosing the right tools for sales coaching
Factors to consider when choosing a sales coaching tool

Common features of sales coaching tools

Before you select the perfect sales coaching software for your team, ensure that it has the basic components needed to be the most effective tool for you and your reps. Here are some common features found in sales coaching tools:

Sales call analysis

An important factor in sales coaching software is the ability to record sales calls. Even more so if it also includes data insights and automatic documentation like deal stage analysis, length of the call, topics discussed, and follow-up action plans.

Artificial intelligence (AI) feedback/scoring

AI-based feedback and scoring on communication skills and presentation recordings are incredibly useful tools for your sales reps. Besides, video recording capability also allows reps to practice their pitches and receive direct manager feedback and notes.

Video coaching/training

A great element is the ability to hold coaching sessions virtually and for training to be accessible from anywhere, anytime. This type of digital one-on-one offering is especially helpful if you have remote sales reps.


Most sales coaching tools have integration offerings for different types of CRMs, calendar programs, and presentation tools (like Demodesk!)

Every organization has its own requirements for the software. Your main goal should be ensuring that the tool you select will increase the quality of your sales calls and directly impact the revenue for your team.

Hep reps hit quota with better coaching

13 Best Sales Coaching Tools to Up Your Sales Game

Luckily, there are many sales coaching platforms and programs out in the market. Here are the reviewed and selected tools that can be useful within your sales organization.

1. Demodesk

Demodesk Sales Coaching Tool
Demodesk Coaching

Built-in sales scripts, playbooks and conversational intelligence make Demodesk the ideal tool for giving sales reps the tools they need to make successful pitches on the virtual sales floor.

Call shadowing allows you to monitor sales rep performance and use the insights for future coaching sessions. Advanced analytics make it easy to identify and scale best practices to decrease performance gaps across your team. Conversational intelligence gives you the ability to scale your sales coaching to the next level and get full transparency into your sales conversations.

Seamless Onboarding

  • The coaching features Demodesk offers can help you accelerate training new hires.
  • Meeting shadowing allows new hires to sit in on live meetings so they can quickly get up to speed.
  • The support chat feature means help is on hand for new team members if they get stuck on a live call.
  • Playbooks, battlecards and speaker notes help new team members step into their first call fully prepared.

Streamline Your Sales Pipeline

  • Demodesk helps sales teams’ productivity with its comprehensive virtual meeting solution specifically tailored to sales professionals.
  • With Demodesk, you can streamline your sales process, from scheduling meetings to conducting live product demos in one centralized platform.
  • Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and hello to efficiency and effectiveness in every step of the sales journey.

Gain Insights for Better Demos

  • Demodesk Meet ensures your team follows best practices during live product demos, providing real-time insights into what is and isn't working.
  • By tracking important metrics and analytics, Demodesk Meet equips you with actionable data to optimize your demo process and deliver more effective presentations.
  • Say goodbye to guessing and hello to data-driven decision-making, enabling your team to close deals with confidence.
  • Scorecards offer a systematic way for managers, enablement trams and sales representatives to evaluate meetings. By defining performance criteria and reviewing meetings against those criteria, you can ensure your meetings are always to a consistent standard.

Empower Sales Coaching

  • With detailed analytics and recording capabilities, Demodesk empowers sales coaching by providing a clear overview of each sales interaction.
  • Recording bookmarks ensure you have instant access to your most important meeting recordings for sales coaching and onboarding.
  • You can make contextual comments within the meeting recording so sales reps can get specific feedback on what needs improving.
  • Sales meetings are standardized for best practices with the help of playbooks that are preloaded into the platform and easily accessible.


Gong’s sales coaching software offers conversation analytics, and sales call coaching to help salespeople improve their communication skills.

The AI-powered sales coaching platform captures all sales interactions and uses artificial intelligence to interpret the mistakes; it then provides insights on improving your strategy and productivity. You can track trends over time to ensure your new tactics are effective.

Instead of making assumptions, Gong can help you make data-based decisions.


If you want instant, analyzed transcripts of calls, meetings, and emails, Chorus could be the right tool for you.

The tool helps you identify winning behaviors that close deals, which allows you to give team sales training and uplevel the teams’ skills.

Chorus automatically captures contacts and syncs with your CRM so you can see where the lead is in your pipeline. It helps you mitigate churn and understand the trends that impact your deals.

4. Allego


Allego leverages peer-to-peer learning to help boost engagement and retention. The tool allows you to give context to your content so your sales reps can use it at the right time.

Digital salesrooms aim to engage your buyers so they can have personalized experiences. The conversational intelligence tool allows you to mine call data so you know which messaging is the most effective.

5. Salesloft


Another AI-powered sales enablement tool that your sales leadership team can use to gain insights and coach their team.

This sales management software covers several bases, from prospecting to closure. You can use the tool to scale prospecting and connect with buyers, analyze conversations with prospects, and get insight into deal health and pipeline visibility.

Another feature that makes your sales organization easy is the “Rhythm” feature, which organizes your workflow based on urgency.

6. Qstream

Qstream for individualized sales coaching

Qstream is a sales coaching tool focusing on individualized learning so every sales rep can perform to their potential.

Analytics expose knowledge gaps, highlight potential risks, and show the most actionable thing sales reps can work on.

This sales coaching tool doesn’t give you insights on the entire sales stack but provides your team with sales training that’s easy to digest, scenario-based, and will boost their quota attainment.

The platform has abundant training content that you can make relevant to your business and uses spaced repetition methods and microlearning.

7. Clari Copilot

Clari Colpilot for Sales Real-time Coaching
Clari Copilot

This software gives your sales team real-time coaching so they can confidently make their sales calls.

Contextual and customizable cue cards enable the sales reps to find the answers they need while on the call. If the agent speaks too long, the software gives them a nudge to pause and ask questions.

You can use Clari Copilot to train your team, but then keep the training materials on hand as your reps perfect and tweak their pitches.

8. Hubspot Sales Hub

Hubspot Sales Hub for Sales Coaching
Hubspot Sales Hub

Hubspot helps you manage your leads and upcoming calls with a personalized prospecting workspace.

The software helps sales reps with automated email templates, tracking and follow-ups, and call tracking based on the prospect's sales preparedness. Hubspot AI enables sales reps to put everything in their sales training into action as they draft compelling pitches with CTAs buyers want to make.

Scripts, playbooks, and guides are all available within the place where the reps manage their deals, making it easy for them to follow best practices and apply their sales training.

9. ClearSlide


Data-driven insights on prospects' real-time engagement make this tool stand out from the others. The visibility into all interactions means sales leaders can use the insights to make better-informed decisions.

The guided selling feature helps take salespeople to the right content at the right time to boost sales success. Replay recordings and performance dashboards help onboard new team members faster and support their coaching needs.

10. SalesHood


Saleshood replicated the success of your top sellers at scale. Easily accessible, bite-sized sales training modules enable your team to continuously learn via the platform, and the AI coach gives instant feedback on the pitches your team makes.

Personalized digital salesrooms make the experience customizable for each prospect; you can even analyze the effectiveness of the content shown to improve for the next time. AI also helps you predict the next best steps in your customer’s journey.


A coaching solution designed to guide sellers throughout the process so they can replicate winning behavior again and again, RingDNA has reps’ backs in real-time.

The software focuses on providing objection-handling responses, technical answers, and real-time conversation guidance to ensure that 87% of sales training that’s usually forgotten stays fresh.

The tool can help with sales organization as reps can respond up to 50% faster to complex questions. Nudges during a pitch or sales conversation can help remind reps to change their voice or how much they dominate the conversation.

Another great feature is automated follow-up emails sent by generative AI, ensuring that all conversations are personalized and timely.

12. Lessonly by Seismic


The training and coaching software from Seismic and Lessonly promises to boost your team’s productivity and ramp reps in as little as ten days.

On-demand coaching programs and practice exercises help sales reps practice and hone their skills quickly. You can personalize coaching plans for each individual so they can focus on improving their weaknesses.

Easy-to-read dashboards help sales leaders track their teams’ progress and speed up the coaching process.

13. MindTickle


Mindtickle is productivity software that offers training, sales enablement, and call insights.

Ready-to-use templates and training programs make it easy to pick and choose what your team works on first. A benchmarking feature allows you to show how individuals and teams perform compared to revenue leaders.

You can personalize each training to the individual and focus on skill building over completion. Practice exercises and prompts during live calls enable team members to keep what they’ve learned fresh in their minds.

Master Your Sales Meetings With the Right Tools

When you choose sales coaching tools to provide personalized coaching for your sales team at scale, you automatically enhance your sales success.

Want to do better than the average 2% conversion rate? Sales training software empowers your sales reps to consistently give their best performance on every single call. Direct feedback, prompts, and sales tools enable your team to go into every pitch with the confidence they need to embrace objections and close the deal.

When you choose a sales meeting platform combined with a sales coaching platform like Demodesk, you can streamline and supercharge your sales processes, deliver impactful presentations, and achieve remarkable results.

Take the leap today and unlock a world of sales success. Book a demo here.

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