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Usercentrics Increased Rep Efficiency by 50% with Demodesk’s Automated Workflows

Consent Management Platform
Founded in 2017
201-500 employees
HQ in Munich, Germany
Usercentrics Increased Rep Efficiency by 50% with Demodesk’s Automated Workflows
Usercentrics results after implementing Demodesk

About Usercentrics

Usercentrics is a global market leader in the field of Consent Management Platforms (CMP). They believe in creating a healthy balance between data privacy and data-driven business.

Just about every business website needs a cookie banner. Usercentrics enables these companies to collect, manage and document user consent on both websites and apps.

With their software, companies can achieve full compliance with global privacy regulations while facilitating high consent rates and building trust with their customers.

Since merging with Cookiebot, their business sales team has been scaling rapidly. Due to this amazing growth, they wanted to use a sales meeting tool that could scale with them. Good thing they have Demodesk.

Usercentrics' platform

The Challenges

Melanie Krutwig is currently the Usercentrics Business Sales Team Lead, focusing predominantly on building relationships with mid-sized prospects to see how they can work best together.

The main challenges the business sales team wanted to overcome boiled down to turning cumbersome processes into automated systems, including:

  • Time-consuming admin tasks
  • Long prospect qualification period (2-3 days)
  • Hard to engage customers
  • Slow ramp-time for new reps

Since email was the main form of communication between reps and prospects, it took days to finish answering their questions and qualify them. Reps always had full inboxes, drawing the sales cycle out and making it hard to establish a genuine connection.

On top of spending a lot of time writing emails, reps also had to spend time on other manual tasks such as:

  • Qualifying prospects
  • Trying to find available times to schedule calls
  • Constantly updating their CRM with customer data

These time-consuming admin tasks meant that reps spent less quality time with their prospects.

With their company being very young, the business sales team also wanted to establish a better system for onboarding reps faster with a more defined set of processes. Having these challenges in mind, they looked to Demodesk as their solution.

The Solution

With Demodesk, the business sales team at Usercentrics was able to help reps become more efficient by streamlining their whole sales process.

So how did they do it? By...

  • Automating lead routing & scheduling
  • Engaging customers with interactive meetings
  • Centralizing their sales narrative with battle cards & playbooks
  • Reducing ramp time with call shadowing

Instead of using email as their primary mode of communication & to collect information, they have now automated everything from lead qualification to CRM documentation.

The Business Sales team uses lead routing links on the website where prospects answer a few questions to determine who they will schedule a demo with. If the prospect is in Germany, BOOM! They can schedule a meeting directly in a DACH rep’s calendar.

Now that a meeting has been scheduled, a set of automated email invites and reminders are sent to help the prospect through the next steps – without the rep having to lift a finger.

“We actually realized that every single conversation with a prospect is worth a thousand times more than every email that we send out.

Reps have found that using interactive software increases their prospect’s comprehension and knowledge retention.

Now with just a brief conversation via an interactive meeting, Melanie’s team can demo the product and show exactly how Usercentrics works. As an added bonus, reps can also automate their CRM updates by syncing the data they collect in the call, directly to the correct contact.

“15 minutes is sometimes even enough and all their questions are answered. This is why for us — and especially for my team — Demodesk is such a success.

Onboarding reps has also become easier with centralized battle cards & playbooks. Sales reps can easily handle objections during calls and provide the right information at the right time.

Melanie has reduced the ramp-up time with this centralized content as well as Demodesk’s shadowing feature. Anyone within the team can now easily learn from experienced salespeople without disrupting the conversation.


Demodesk now acts as an entire workflow infrastructure for Melanie’s team at Usercentrics. It’s been an essential tool for reps throughout each stage of the sales cycle.

The team’s speed-to-lead time is now 50% faster after placing lead routing and scheduling links on their website. Customers are also getting in front of reps quicker and more consistently with the help of scheduling links in email signatures.

The automatic routing option has also streamlined their sales cycle. For example, when a prospect clicks on the website link, they are quickly transferred to a sales rep who is prepared to answer their specific question. No more endless emailing!

“We can handle a lot more prospects with less pressure.

Previously, qualification could take 2-3 days of back-and-forth emails. Now, leads can be qualified in one quick call. This shift to more effective conversations has reduced the overall timing of their sales cycle.

Plus, having their meeting data synced directly to their CRM significantly cuts down on admin tasks. This has led to an increase in sales efficiency by 50% across the team!

Since reps can now onboard with more support, their ramp time has become 3x faster than before, using Demodesk. Reps are more confident since they are prepared with battle cards, interactive playbooks, and call shadowing.

Want to help your sales reps to ramp up faster? Hop on a call with us here, and we will show you how!

Key Results

- Speed to lead time is now 50% faster after placing lead routing and scheduling links - Automatic routing option has also streamlined their sales cycle - Reduced the overall timing of their sales cycle with more engaging meetings.

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