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How Localyze reduced their lead response time to seconds with Demodesk’s Routing Forms

Global Mobility Software & Services
Founded in 2018
106 employees
HQ in Hamburg, Germany
How Localyze reduced their lead response time to seconds with Demodesk’s Routing Forms
Localyze's results after implementing Demodesk

About Localyze

Localyze is an all-in-one platform that makes hiring across borders as easy as hiring in one country.

They make it easy for companies to resolve their global mobility challenges & ensure that borders don’t become blockers, by assisting with:

  • New hire relocation
  • Visa processes
  • Office transfers & postings
  • International team management & more

Localyze customers can rest easy knowing that the most difficult aspects of international team management are being taken care of by expert case managers. So they can focus their efforts on finding the very best talent!

The Challenges

As a Sales Operations Manager at Localyze, Katherine Fisher ensures all their sales tools are working together seamlessly & providing meaningful data. Her work enables the team to continuously gain insights, find creative solutions to challenges, & drive an efficient customer funnel.

One challenge she identified was their ineffective sales lead distribution process. Before Localyze started using Demodesk’s advanced lead-to-account routing, leads were frequently being assigned to the wrong sales rep.

Inbound leads are considered very valuable property to sales reps. Ensuring that leads are fairly distributed to the right reps was essential to keeping the team motivated and productive.

For example, a rep would reach out to a prospect, trying to book a call. After the prospect showed interest, they would go to the website & book a demo from there. Ideally, the demo would be booked with the current account owner – but no. Instead, the meeting would get assigned to another sales rep. This resulted in frustration and unnecessary tension within the team.

To resolve this issue, Katherine ended up manually distributing the inbound leads to ensure that it was done fairly.

As a one-woman sales ops team, she knew that this wasn’t an efficient use of her time & that she needed a better solution. Not to mention significantly slowing down response times!

She wanted to find a solution that reduced:

  • Manual work
  • Unfair distribution
  • Slow lead response times
  • Inaccurate CRM data
Challenges before using Demodesk

The Solution

After discovering Demodesk’s automated lead-to-account routing, Katherine no longer needs to manually distribute leads to her team.

Now, inbound leads automatically get prequalified during the demo-booking process with questions such as “Where are you located?” These types of questions help determine whether the lead should be routed to a specific AE for a consultation or to an SDR for further qualification.

Then the lead is automatically assigned to the right rep, based on the account owner defined in their CRM (Hubspot). In parallel, the meeting is added to both their calendars and the contact information is logged/updated in Hubspot.

Katherine is also able to use CRM data confidently to gain insights & identify seasonal trends & events that drive a higher influx of inbound leads.

Demodesk created a fair lead routing system


According to Katherine, Demodesk’s lead-to-account routing has allowed her sales team to have peace of mind, knowing that inbound leads are being fairly distributed.

The pre-qualification questions during the demo booking process also give more visibility into the prospect’s interests and enable reps to go into demos better prepared.

After implementing Demodesk’s lead routing, Katherine has saved up to 4 hours a week by eliminating the need to manually distribute inbound leads.

Want to find out whether Demodesk’s lead-to-account routing can decrease the time you spend on manual tasks? Schedule a call with one of our reps, here!

Key Results

- Saved 6+ hours per week on admin tasks with Demodesk's routing forms - Reduced speed to lead time by 99% – now prospects are reached out to instantly - Improved routing accuracy of leads to sales by 31%

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