Supercharge your entire revenue organization

Discover how Demodesk helps your team drive revenue, cut down ramp time, increase quota attainment, and boost sales productivity.

Supercharge your revenue team by reducing ramp time and increasing sales productivity, quota attainment, & close rates.
AEs always have the right sales content in every customer call with playbooks, battle cards, & automatic CRM logging.
Account Executives

Increase win rates

  • Load the right playbook into every meeting and have the perfect pitch for every persona readily available
  • Handle any objection in real-time with battlecards
  • Save hours by automatically logging notes and call data into your CRM after every meeting
Demodesk is a key part of our high velocity sales process. The meeting software and reminders increase our show rates, and we save tons of time by automating our CRM reporting.”
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Emil Mahr, Senior AE
SDRs can make their sales processes more effective with automatic lead routing, qualification, scheduling, & email invites.
Customer Success

Increase customer retention

  • Increase product adoption with interactive customer onboardings and trainings
  • Automatically load the right slides, onboarding checklists, web apps and talk tracks into every customer meeting
  • Answer any product or technical question in real-time using centralized team battlecards
Customer onboarding is so much more engaging with Demodesk. I can give my customers control of the virtual screen so I can walk them through the product in real-time.”
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Timo Kretschmer, CSM
Streamline the sales process by integrating Demodesk with the tools you use & analyzing more sales meeting data.
Revenue Operations

Increase sales velocity

  • Easily provide reps with the right materials.
  • Access meeting analytics to drive efficiencies.
  • Increase process adoption with interactive coaching.
  • Easily integrate with your current sales stack.
Now our reps always have the most relevant content at their fingertips. And Demodesk’s integrations ensure they have all the necessary data available during their calls.”
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Magdalena Prantl, Growth Marketing

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