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How Personio Increases Sales Demo Conversion with Demodesk

HR Software
1-5k employees
HQ in Munich, Germany
How Personio Increases Sales Demo Conversion with Demodesk

Personio is a fast-growing HR software company that recently raised its Series B with Index Ventures. Demodesk has played an essential role in Personio’s hyper-growth. Personio's sales team is relying on Demodesk for scheduling and holding all their product demos. By using Demodesk's Scheduling and Screen Sharing suite, the team was able to increase sales demo conversion rates by up to 20% and save each sale rep up to 60 minutes each day.

Case study Demodesk and Personio: Personio Team

Personio provides efficient software for HR management and recruiting

Personio offers an HR and recruiting platform that allows companies to digitize all HR processes across the employee life-cycle. The company was founded in 2015 in Munich and scaled quickly to 230 employees, serving more than 1,400 customers across 35 countries. In total, Personio manages over 160,000 employees, along with several hundred thousand applicants.

With their sales team of 30+ employees, Personio is able to add 70 - 100 new customers every month. This requires a sustainable, scalable, and reliable sales process.

How Demodesk helps Personio to grow sales

Demodesk plays a key role in achieving those ambitious goals. Personio is selling to SMEs across Europe, mainly to their HR managers. Today, they mostly use outdated, non-digital, or fragmented systems to manage their employees. By contrast, Personio’s cloud-based product “The HR operating system” lets HR managers store, process, and manage all employee data through one solution. A recruiting suite and payroll automation complete the solution.

Prospect customers receive a sales demo of Personio’s HR platform via Demodesk. The platform combines a vast number of features in one tool. Thus, a personalized demo is crucial to emphasize those parts of the product that are most relevant to the customer’s individual needs.

Case study Personio and Demodesk: Personio team

Challenge 1: Technical difficulties in joining meetings

When scaling sales, the sales team quickly ran into issues and limitations. Often the sales demo could not take place because the prospect had technical issues in joining the meeting - either because it required downloads or the firewall was blocking it.

Emil Mahr, Account Executive @ Personio
"The companies we sell to tend to be skeptical when they hear the words cloud, startup, and online software anyway. When they also had issues in joining the product demo, they would inevitably associate the bad experience with Personio’s software. That was a huge issue for us.”

Emil Mahr, Account Executive @ Personio

Personio’s sales team was able to eliminate those issues with the use of Demodesk for its product demos. With Demodesk, anyone can instantly join the meeting by just clicking a link. There are no downloads, it works with any browser and device and firewalls won’t block it. Personio’s team can now focus on what they can do best - demonstrating great software that helps HR managers do a better job.

Technical issues in sales demos decreased from 20% down too 0.2% thanks to Demodesk
"Before using Demodesk, our customers faced technical issues in 10-20% of the demos. Now that’s close to 0%. Demodesk helped significantly improve the customer experience and our demo conversion rates.”

Emil Mahr

Challenge 2: Repetitive and time-consuming scheduling process

The second pain point was the repetitive and time-consuming scheduling process. The pain got even bigger when the sales team started to grow and scheduled meetings and demos across the team. For instance, the SDR (Sales Development Representative) schedules an online demo with the AE (Account Executive) after the lead has been qualified. The process required jumping between CRM, multiple calendars, online meeting tools, and juggling around with different meeting links.

"We worked with three different systems in parallel and needed to manually set up and update meeting details. Very often, we have 3-4 sales demos per day - so the time for managing those administrative tasks summed up quickly.”

Victoria Röper, Teamlead Inbound Sales @ Personio

Today, Personio schedules meetings via Demodesk’s integrated scheduling suite. Invites and reminders are fully customized and automatically be sent to the customer by just clicking a button. Calendar availabilities are synced in real-time via a native Google integration and meetings are automatically distributed across the team.

"Demodesk is a huge time saver for us. Now, our scheduling processes are fully automated and we don’t need to switch back and forth between different tools. On top, we send automated, personalized invites and reminders to our customers to make sure they attend.”

Victoria Röper

Results: Demodesk helped Personio increase sales demo conversion rates by up to 20% and save each sales rep up to 60 minutes per day.

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Key Results

- Increased sales demo conversion rates by up to 20% with an enhanced meeting UX - Saved each sales rep up to 60 minutes per day with automated scheduling workflows - Demos are more relevant to customers with personalized Playbooks

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