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How Papershift Uses Demodesk To Increase Sales Demo Effectiveness

Workforce Management Software
Founded in 2015
51-200 employees
HQ in Karlsruhe, BW
How Papershift Uses Demodesk To Increase Sales Demo Effectiveness

Papershift brings rota planning, leave management, and employee time tracking into the cloud, simplifying business processes and saving time and hassle. Workforce management of employees has always been a challenge for companies.

  • Managing employee schedules and time-off requests
  • Allocating the right people to the right shifts
  • Giving everyone the best possible work schedule

These tasks require a lot of effort. It is also a challenge to make sure hours are being logged accurately. In fact, many companies still clock employee work hours through old-school time clocks.

About Papershift

Papershift was founded in 2015 with the goal to revolutionize workforce management. Their innovative scheduling software automatically plans shifts, highlights scheduling conflicts, and generates timesheets for employees. This is combined with a powerful application that lets workers request time off and log their hours with ease.

The user interface of the Papershift software

The apparent advantages of this disruptive technology have already convinced more than 200,000 users from various industries to switch to Papershift's online shift planning. Among them are major corporations like Burger King, Aldi, and Ryanair.

With the business scaling rapidly, they needed to build out a high-performing sales team to support their growth. However, when the pandemic in early 2020 solidified the concept of remote work, Papershift felt the need to restructure their sales department to reach their customers in a more effective way.

The Challenge

Traditional online meeting tools don’t provide much value beyond general video conferencing. Realizing this, the Papershift team sought out tools that enabled interactive demo experiences and complied with GDPR regulations.

As Papershift’s Account Executive Team Lead, Tim Lippman spends about 30% of his time coaching and 70% with clients. Taking this into account, Tim defined the sales team’s initial pain points that needed to be solved, including:

  • Lack of engagement during the demo
  • Difficulty onboarding new joiners
  • Tech issues in meetings due to downloads, browser problems, and firewall issues

The Solution

After finding Demodesk, they realized that not only would he be able to tackle these challenges, but they would also be able to do so on a single platform.

Tim Lippman Account Executive Team Lead
“Demodesk allows any of our leads to participate in our demos online without the need for downloads (even through firewalls). Thanks to the software, we were able to implement a scalable framework for passing appointments from Sales Development to our Account Executives. Best of all, the automation and email reminders alone save us so much time that Demodesk pays for itself.”

Tim Lippman Account Executive Team Lead

Making demos interactive

Every sales team aims to have the most interactive demo experiences. While traditional meeting tools lack interactivity, engaging prospects by sharing control is one of the key advantages of using Demodesk.

Instead of lecturing the customer about Papershift's benefits, they now have the ability to let prospects experience how to use the product and change their workforce management, firsthand.

Fast onboarding and consistent demos

Moreover, Demodesk’s Playbook feature, combined with real-time talk tracks and battle cards, helps Tim’s team easily onboard new joiners and quickly bring them up to speed. In fact, sales veterans at Papershift use Playbooks to sync up with newly discovered best practices and sales content updates. Overall, having sales materials instantly available in a meeting, helps the whole team deliver consistent and engaging demos.

Unparalleled reliability

As Demodesk has been engineered from the ground up as a purely cloud-based solution, it runs on any browser and works well with any firewall settings. Starting and joining a meeting in only one click takes away the struggle of having to walk people through downloading meeting tools and tech issues. The result is a platform that demonstrates reliable performance and ease of use in all meetings.

Additionally, Demodesk complies with the strict GDPR rules and runs alongside Papershift’s most centrally used tools, like Intercom.

Interested to know how Demodesk can help your revenue teams close more deals and avoid churn? Book a demo with us!

Increase quota attainment with real-time sales guidance

Key Results

- Faster onboarding & consistent demos with Playbooks - More engaging for customers with interactive meetings - Seamless & reliable meetings without downloads or tech issues

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