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How EIGENSONNE Improves Sales Performance with Demodesk

Renewables & Environment
50-200 employees
HQ in Berlin, Germany
How EIGENSONNE Improves Sales Performance with Demodesk

The human impact on the environment has been a growing concern around the world for a long time. Due to this rise in concern, solar power has made a huge impact on providing renewable energy to the masses. In the past few years, solar power has made great tech advancements and dramatically increased the number of solar energy users/producers. The global solar energy market valuation is even projected to reach $223.3 billion by 2026.

EIGENSONNE not only anticipated this industry growth but found a way to support the push to produce cleaner energy.


EIGENSONNE was founded in 2017 in Berlin with the mission to stimulate the wider use of solar energy and drive the world towards a cleaner future. Their vision is to bring clean, smart energy to every roof with their custom-configured solar systems.

EIGENSONNE’s solar systems allow anyone to produce their own solar energy. Their team provides everything from consulting and planning to the full installation. This allows their customers to become independent from the big utility companies and dramatically decrease their environmental footprint.

EIGENSONNE Solar system Installation process

The Challenge

A home solar system is a large investment for most people. For this reason, trustworthiness and transparency along the entire customer journey are important – especially for companies like EIGENSONNE. It was therefore the goal of the sales team to break through the norms on the solar market and to configure the solar system together with the customer using an interactive tool. That tool is Demodesk. Demodesk helps EIGENSONNE solve these main challenges in their sales process to optimize customer contact and sales performance.

  • Standardizing their sales pitch
  • Increasing transparency & trust in the buying process
  • Automating CRM data entry

1. Standardizing their sales pitch

The EIGENSONNE sales team consists of people that are true advocates and know everything about the product. However, all sales teams experience challenges that come with scaling a company - typically needing more consistent guidance and standardization in the sales process.

Formerly, the sales team worked with customers via the phone. They would use PDF documents to describe the value of the solar panels and installation process and then discuss the details in a call.

The Demodesk solution:

With Demodesk, EIGENSONNE’s sales calls and PDF info sheets have been transformed into engaging meetings with playbooks customized to each customer. Demodesk playbooks help the sales team standardize their sales pitches and significantly cut down their meeting prep time. They also now can use playbooks for different buying scenarios and stages of the purchasing process.

EIGENSONNE Plan the solar system installation

2. Increasing transparency & trust in the buying process

While EIGENSONNE primarily communicated with customers over the phone in the past, they sought to find an innovative solution to create a better sense of transparency. They wanted a solution that would allow them to sell solar panels digitally while also building trust amongst customers. Collaborating with the customer, interacting with the solar panel planning software, and having a face-to-face experience would help to build this trust.

The Demodesk solution:

Thanks to the interactive screen sharing function built into Demodesk, EIGENSONNE employees can now work directly with the customer to plan the solar panel installation using the company’s planning software. This allows customers to:

  • Help plan where to place the panels
  • See the impact on the price, &
  • Understand the process of the installation of the panels

Everything from the planning stage to the actual signing of the contract, the sales team can now do it face-to-face in real-time through the virtual screen. By showing the whole installation process virtually, EIGENSONNE easily can increase trust and transparency with their clients.

3. Automating CRM data entry

The collection and accuracy of data in the sales process are essential for any company. For EIGENSONNE, the responsible and careful handling of the data collection in the sales process is their highest priority.

That is why EIGENSONNE saw an opportunity to take it a step further and automate the data entry process so the information would always be secure, accurate, and up-to-date wherever the sales team needed access to it. By automating and centralizing data entry in Salesforce, they would also be able to reduce the need for manual entries.

The Demodesk Solution:

With Demodesk, the sales team can automatically synchronize the meeting notes and user-defined contact fields from Salesforce. This means that EIGENSONNE now can collect information naturally while talking to the customers directly in the meeting. This makes data-related processes even more effective, and frees up time that can be used to advance their mission to bring clean, intelligent energy to every roof!

Michael Aigner Co-Founder & CTO at EIGENSONNE
“Demodesk is an extremely powerful sales platform. For us, it revolutionizes the way we structure our calls. One of the main things that I really like about it is plain simple, very well thought through, and it saves sales reps a lot of time.” - Michael Aigner Co-Founder & CTO at EIGENSONNE
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Key Results

- Cut down meeting prep time & standardized their sales pitches with dynamic playbooks - Increasing transparency & trust in the buying process with interactive meetings - Saves reps a lot of time with automated CRM data entry

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