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How DataGuard uses Demodesk for more meaningful customer conversations

Privacy, InfoSec & Compliance
Founded in 2017
50-200 employees
HQ in Munich, Germany
How DataGuard uses Demodesk for more meaningful customer conversations

If you work in SaaS, you are surely familiar with GDPR. The acronym stands for "General Data Protection Regulation". This law addresses data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. While this regulation certainly protects consumers, companies are struggling to implement the complex rules outlined in the 99 articles the law consists of.

DataGuard recognized that many small and medium-sized businesses had difficulties coping with the introduction of GDPR due to the extensive legal knowledge necessary to become and remain privacy compliant.

Traditionally, a firm would hire consultants or lawyers to ensure these compliance regulations. However, this process is inflexible and expensive. Additionally, once the law changes, external advisors would need to be hired again.

DataGuard is a leading provider of data privacy as a service

Using a unique hybrid approach to tackling GDPR, DataGuard has positioned itself as a leading provider of data privacy as a service. Their solution uses a SaaS platform supported by a team of legal experts to ensure all their customers stay compliant.

As they continue to grow rapidly, they began searching for new ways to have meaningful conversations with clients. Additionally, their sales team was looking to overcome three main challenges they faced on a daily basis.

  1. Scheduling calls was ineffective and confusing. This involved a lot of manual work and constantly updating our CRM system was a hassle.
  2. Getting the right message across in prospecting calls. Especially for new joiners, this is difficult. New team members lack the experience and are forced to freestyle their presentations until they become to understand what works best and essentially become proficient.
  3. Giving prospects an overview of the DataGuard platform. It was difficult to show the prospect what the solution could do for them.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, DataGuard enlisted the help of Demodesk.

Automating the scheduling process

With the sales-focused meeting platform, scheduling calls has become effortless. DataGuard can easily assign incoming leads to sales reps right on their website. Meeting invites are sent out automatically and all follow-up emails are automated. No more confusion or emailing back and forth to search for an available meeting time.

Playbooks make demos beginner-friendly

Tailored playbooks for every meeting type bring new joiners quickly up to speed. These ready-to-go presentations also include pre-structured notes that sync directly into the CRM platform, and battle cards, a feature that helps reps quickly defuse any sales objections. Demodesk makes a top closer out of anyone.

Leveraging the power of a virtual desktop

Finally, prospects can now fully experience DataGuard's revolutionary solution with the use of interactive demos. Instead of sharing your screen, Demodesk provides a virtual desktop, which is automatically available for every meeting. Prospects are able to directly interact with the product, making it easier to understand the value it would provide to their business.

Due to the functionality of Demodesk's virtual display, there is no need to mess around with browser tabs or mute notifications. Everything that is not in Demodesk, is private to the host. This streamlines meetings and reduces distractions during every presentation.

"All of that is possible with Demodesk. It is independent of the technology that your counterpart is using. You can use it with every web browser, so it always works. We will be going on using it and growing our business."
- Marc Hirtz, VP Revenue DataGuard
Ramp new hires quicker with standardized playbooks

Key Results

- Increase customer engagement with interactive meetings - Reduced manual work by automating the meeting scheduling process - Ramp new hires quicker with tailored playbooks including pre-structured notes & battlecards

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