Call Intelligence


The Allego integration with Demodesk enables you to analyze call recordings to identify sales best practices & coaching opportunities.

  • Automatically send all of your meeting recordings from Demodesk to Refract
  • Use call insights to identify best practices and replicate them


Uncover what's working in your sales conversations to boost performance & revenue. Search for key moments in your call recordings to speed up the sales cycle and capitalize on conversations.

  • Instantly sync your Demodesk call recordings to Allego for in-depth sales call analysis
  • Coach at scale by easily identifying best practices and growth opportunities
  • Reduce new hire ramp-time with call analysis and centralized recordings

About Allego

Allego is a call intelligence software which helps sales management and their teams continuously adapt and improve by identifying and capitalizing on every sales conversation.

The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms which analyze each rep's performance over time in order to provide tailored feedback.


Convert more meetings into revenue