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The Future of B2B Sales Prospecting Tools

March 6, 2020
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The Future of B2B Sales Prospecting Tools

We face many of the same challenges in sales as 20 years ago: finding leads, warming them up making a compelling pitch, and of course the final conversion. But it’s 2020. The last thing that should be holding your sales back are sales prospecting tools.

Here are the top 24 sales tools (particularly around effective prospecting) that we find the most promising for the future of sales.

How these sales prospecting tools can help your business in 2020

There are a million and one ways to go about sales prospecting (let alone actually cold calling, running demos, running a cold email campaign, etc). But these tools help you get ahead of the curve.The benefits of using the right sales tools boil down to three interrelated net positives. With sales tools, you can:

  1. Discover more leads
  2. Boost your sales team’s efficiency
  3. Build a better sales pipeline

As we wrote in last year’s edition, it’s not 1987 anymore. No one is here for the hard sell. Instead, use these sales tools to hone in your messaging, find qualified leads, and personalize your message.‍

2020 categories of sales prospecting tools

Sales prospecting tools

First things first: you’ll have to find leads that not only fit your value proposition but also have a pain point that your product can solve.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn on steroids for sales teams. While LinkedIn can be used effectively for marketing and inbound sales, Sales Navigator takes it to the next level for outbound efforts.

Key Features:

  • Use advanced search filters to hone in on specific segments, companies, and targeted leads.
  • Save leads, accounts, and searches to make your prospecting efforts more efficient.
  • Send InMail messages directly to the most promising leads.
  • Expand both your account-based marketing and your cold email campaigns.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs $80/month or $135 per seat for the Team account. You can also get started with a free trial to test its features.


Speaking of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you’ll need some way to contact all of those promising leads (since you’re limited to just 30 InMail messages per month).

With Wiza, you can export your saved lead lists and your searches as you prospect. With lead email addresses, you’ll have a much more direct way of warming prospects up.

Key Features:

  • Extract valid email addresses from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Integrate with Salesforce and email outreach tools.
  • Run ‘no-email’ scrapes to support account-based efforts.
  • Set up cold email campaigns on the same platform.

Wiza is $50/month for the Pro account (300 valid emails), or $100 for the Team account (1,000 valid emails and unlimited seats). You can get started with 20 free email credits.

Blaze Verify

Blaze Verify offers exactly what it sounds like: email verification for your existing lead lists. Clean up your lists and determine which emails are the most promising for deliverability.

Key Features:

  • Upload .csv files to verify directly on the platform.
  • Use an API to verify emails in your own system.
  • Deduplicate emails, verify domains and get an email quality score.

Blaze Verify is priced by email credit: it’s half a cent per record, so $25 for 5,000 emails. You can get started with 250 credits for free.


Clearbit is a marketing data engine for customer interactions. Sales teams can use Clearbit to “identify ideal prospects, find more like them, and reach out when the timing is right.”

Key Features:

  • Enrich records without research and data entry.
  • Set up custom scoring and routing rules.
  • Use the Prospecting tool to access 200 million contacts at 20 million companies.

Clearbit pricing is available upon request. is billed as the “sales automation platform”. The SaaS combines lead generation and outbound so you can roll everything into the same prospecting tool.

Key Features:

  • Build lists with the email finder, Chrome Extension, and email verification tool.
  • Automate outbound emails and schedule follow up calls.
  • Analyze efforts for optimization down the road. starts at $79/month for the “Essential” plan (up to 250 email credits) and offers 1,000 email credits for $129/month.



Spotio is built for outside sales. Built as a mobile app for sales reps and a web application for managers, Spotio focuses on getting more of the right leads and boosting the productivity and output of field sales reps.

Key Features:

  • Provide sales reps with high-quality leads.
  • Eliminate administrative tasks from your sales process.
  • Get real-time visibility into your outside sales reps’ activity.

Spotio pricing starts at $39/month per user or $69/month per user for teams over 10.


Owler gives you comprehensive competitive information for nearly millions of companies. It can also give you information about the company’s financials and top execs.

Key Features:

  • Fill your report sheet with all the insights you need to make a data-driven approach.
  • Set up news alerts for the highest value accounts.
  • Sync with Salesforce for automatic updates to your leads and accounts.

Owler starts its pricing at $49/month or $420/year.


Expand your business with potential prospects right from merchandising platforms. Aeroleads helps you find potential leads by extracting prospect information, giving you the opportunity to connect with them directly.

Key Features:

  • Comprises a tentative excel file containing up to 10 Data points (Client Name, Job Position, Job location, Business details, Company Email Id, Related Business contacts, etc.)
  • Easy to install in a jiffy by adding the tool as an extension to Chrome.
  • Allows you to verify whether the emails in your list are legit.

You can now get more information on potential clients directly from LinkedIn with the "Take off" package for $49/ month giving you access to 700 records or 10,000 records at $499 per month.


Echobot helps you through four main phases of your B2B sales. This includes sales preparation, establishing contacts, offer & conclusion, and after-sales. Each step with echobot uses various features to help you optimize your B2B sales pipeline.

Key Features:

  • Optimizes your sales processes specifically for B2B sales
  • Recognizes cross-selling and up-selling potential
  • Automatically observes and alerts you on relevant lead conversion behavior

Prices for echobot are available upon request. This is due to the customizable options that you can include in your plan.

prepare your inside sales prospecting tools

Email & outbound tools

With lead lists and emails, it’s time to start reaching out directly. These tools will help you do it effectively.


Mailshake is the tool for when you’re ready to move from lead generation to actual outreach. It’s meant to set up and track cold email campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Send cold emails at scale (thousands of emails in one campaign).
  • Track engagement via email, phone, and social media.
  • Set up sequences for automatic follow up.
  • Clean your lead lists for better initial email outreach.

Mailshake starts at $59/month (and you can pay extra for lead list cleaning).


GMass brings mail merge to Gmail. Instead of using an external platform, you use the GMass extension to draft mass cold emails directly in Gmail, then send as a mail merge campaign.

Key Features:

  • Set up mail merge campaigns with automatic sequences.
  • Connect with Google Sheets to use existing lead lists.
  • Personalize, schedule, and track email engagement.

GMass starts at $8.95/month, but you’ll have to upgrade to $12.95/month to remove the GMass branding. offers both sales prospecting and outreach capabilities. Use the Chrome extension to find new prospects, then you can use the rest of the platform for engagement.

Key Features:

  • Set up sequences across channels, including email and phone.
  • Automatically generate a list of daily to-dos based on your sequences.
  • Track campaign results and run A/B tests. pricing starts at $200/month for up to 3 users.


While NinjaOutreach is designed for influencer outreach, it can be a helpful prospecting tool for sales. Influencers are often decision-makers, after all.

Key Features:

  • Find the leaders in your niche.
  • Schedule email campaigns based on suggested templates.
  • Use the built-in CRM for easier team collaboration.

NinjaOutreach pricing begins at $49/month (with the annual plan), or $120 month-to-month.


MailChimp is known as the king of email marketing, but sales teams can also use the tool effectively. It’s a good option to engage with warm leads that have already opted in.

Key Features:

  • Track email effectiveness and analytics.
  • Customize messaging for each lead.
  • Schedule emails to be sent out at the perfect moment.

MailChimp starts at $14.99/month for a plan. This even includes email automation. is a sales engagement platform built for account-based, inbound and outbound sales processes.

Key Features:

  • Manage all your prospecting activities on the platform.
  • Set up outreach campaigns and follow-up using email and voice.
  • Automate and personalize your sales campaigns. pricing is available upon request.

Sales meeting tools

The stage we’ve all been waiting for: booking a meeting and getting those sales conversations going.


Once you have qualified your lead, it’s time to reel them in with a winning demo.You could use a basic meeting tool and allow your lead to see all your notifications, or you could use Demodesk to create a perfectly curated and interactive space.

Key Features:

  • Uses a virtual display so you don’t have to share your local desktop.
  • Schedule meetings with custom calendar links and syncing.
  • Use cloud screen sharing with remote user controls for more engaged demos.
  • Coach your team with playbooks, slides, and templates for new reps.

Demodesk’s pricing starts at $39/month for screen sharing and scheduling. But check out the pricing page for more information on prices and features.


Zoom is another sales meeting tool with various capabilities. It is a simple video conferencing software that combines webinar hosting, chat functionalities, and the ability to share your local desktop screen. However, the features do vary depending on the plan you select.

Key Features:

  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Webinar hosting for live virtual events and broadcasting
  • Create private or public chat groups

Zoom can be free for a basic personal account but the starting price for a team account is $13.99 per month. brings together note-taking, video conferencing, and mobile applications. With this product, you can download the application or use your desktop for your video conferencing. There is even a way to use your tablet to display your written notes within the video call.

Key Features:

  • Local desktop screen sharing capability
  • Mobile app “White Boarding”
  • A downloadable application for video conferencing

Pricing for begins at $9/month for the lite plan all the way to $24/month for the business plan.


Sales pipeline tools

To keep those sales calls going, you’ll need a way to manage your pipeline. From simple collaboration to pipeline visualization, these tools will help.


If growth breeds more growth, ChartMogul helps you boost your sales by visualizing how far you’ve come. The platform is focused on visualizing your sales analytics.

Key Features:

  • Visualize subscription analytics (revenue and customer data).
  • Automate financial reporting.
  • Integrate with your payment processor and customer-facing apps (i.e. Intercom or Mailchimp).

ChartMogul pricing is based on MRR. It’s free up to $10k MRR, then $25 for every additional $10k. combines pipeline view, calling, lead management, and email automation for sales teams.

Key Features:

  • Set up the workflow that will work best for your team.
  • Minimize administrative tasks and data entry.
  • Create multiple pipelines for different teams, products or sales processes. pricing starts at $65/month per user for the basic version.


Hubspot is an inbound sales tool that can closely align with your marketing department. This CRM system also simplifies the management of your leads through the sales process and makes communication more customized.

Key Features:

Hubspot starts its pricing at $50/month for the Sales Hub. You can also combine this subscription with other Hubspot services like the Marketing Hub or Service Hub.


If you haven’t heard about this cloud-based software already, Salesforce is a CRM system. This product allows you to track your lead through the sales funnel while providing various metrics for sales goal evaluations.

Key Features:

  • Use reports and dashboards for sales forecasting.
  • Track all your leads through the integration of different tools.
  • Better understand your team's deals with opportunity management

Pricing for Salesforce ranges from $25 to $300 per user/month. Each plan includes a different variety of features you can choose from.


Pipedrive, as the name implies, is built to manage sales team pipelines. Billed as the ‘original’ CRM, Pipedrive offers a simpler version of SFDC along with pipeline management.

Key Features:

  • Visualize your sales pipeline with indicators for where leads are in the funnel.
  • Follow up consistently with email and text alerts.
  • Combine with your email efforts by setting up campaigns on the same platform.

Pipedrive starts at $15/month per user.


Pipefy is billed as the “Work Management Platform” — and works well for sales teams. With the Sales Pipeline template, you can manage sales in a kanban style.

Key Features:

  • Track and report pipeline numbers as a team.
  • Automate tasks and approvals.
  • Prioritize and assign action items on the fly.

Pipefy pricing starts at $9/month but you can get started for free.

using sales prospecting tools to boost your sales

We hope this list of the Top Inside Sales Prospecting Tools for 2020 inspires you to refresh your sales process for the new decade. Sales prospecting isn’t always a piece of cake, so make it easier on yourself by employing only the best tools. Now go ahead and conquer 2020 with your new favorite inside sales prospecting tools!

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