How to Automate Scheduling of Meetings with Demodesk

Demodesk offers a powerful scheduling automation suite to help you automate all the manual, repetitive tasks of scheduling meetings.

What time works? Which Account Executive should I assign? Which information should I include in the meeting invite? Are meetings equally distributed across the team? What’s the no-show rate?

Scheduling of online meetings is still one of the biggest time wasters. This is why we built the most advanced and lightweight scheduling platform.

We don’t just help you book appointments without going back and forth over email, but we take an all encompassing approach to automate scheduling of meetings for customer-facing teams. We help both small and large teams save an incredible amount of time by automating all the repetitive and manual tasks of scheduling online meetings.


Demodesk Automated Scheduling Calendar View


Demodesk works with your Google, Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook calendar to automatically check availability and help you connect with your best contacts, prospects and clients. We also integrate with your CRM and the rest of your sales stack.

Demodesk provides you with customizable scheduling pages, unlimited meeting scheduler templates to manage team scheduling and customer segments, as well as process-related features like meeting and lead distribution based on advanced routing rules. On top, admins can manage users, (re-)assign meetings, analyze meeting attendance and success rates with extensive reporting dashboards.

Meeting Scheduler Templates

Tired of manually checking availabilities and setting up calendar invites?

Schedule in just three clicks using Demodesk’s customizable Meeting Scheduler Templates. Automatically set up meeting invites in your calendar for either you or your team members.

You can create multiple Meeting Templates for different event types, customer segments or any other segments you have.


Demodesk Meeting Scheduler Templates

Customizable Calendar Templates

You can preset meeting location, meeting title and description and use custom tokens to ensure the invite is personalized.

How many meetings are you scheduling each day? Well, if it’s only as little as three, this eats up at least 15 minutes of your day, every day. Take out the manual process of setting up a calendar invite and instead automate scheduling of meetings with Demodesk.


Demodesk Scheduling Calendar Template

Automated Invites & Reminders

No-shows are a massive pain for any customer-facing team. Eliminating them often boils down to a simple email reminder.

Demodesk offers completely customizable automated reminders. Fully customize the subject, body and signature, add logos and custom tokens. Tokens are available in 10 different languages to make sure you strike the right tone in every country. Once you have integrated Demodesk with your email account, invites and reminders are being sent directly from your own email address in your own name.

Tip: Once integrated with Salesforce, Demodesk can provide dynamic tags to personalize the meeting templates from Salesforce fields.

Demodesk Automated Meeting Scheduling Reminder

Smart Reminder Rules

You can send multiple reminders before the meeting – like a day before, an hour before, and a minute before the meeting takes place. For example, if a prospect scheduled a meeting 4 weeks out, you can setup a reminder to be sent out the week before your meeting. You can also set reminders by time of day (8am the morning of the meeting, for example).

Want to send out the reminder only if the participant has accepted the meeting? No problem at all – adapt your reminder rules to send the reminder based on the response status, i.e. only if the invitee has not yet accepted the meeting invite.


Demodesk Automated Scheduling Reminder Settings

Custom Branding & Multi-Language

All calendar and email notifications can be custom branded to provide your customers with a seamless experience. Remove Demodesk branding, add your signature and use custom tokens. Invitees don’t see that you’re using Demodesk to automate scheduling of meetings.


Demodesk Automated Scheduling Custom Branding and Multi-Language

Availability restrictions

Want to give product demos only on Wednesdays and Thursdays? And have your customer success team provide availability for onboarding only in the afternoon? Prevent meetings that are too far out? Or avoid back-to-back meetings?

Demodesk lets you restrict availability so you have full control over when others can book meetings with you and under what circumstances. For every Meeting Template, you can limit available hours to restrict the time for scheduling meetings. For example, you can choose to show as available for onboarding sessions only Wednesdays from 1:00PM to 7:00PM in your time zone.


Demodesk Scheduling Availability Times


To prevent back-to-back meetings and ensure that you have enough time to prepare and follow-up, you can define buffers to reserve extra time before and after meetings. For example, you can add a 15 minute buffer before every meeting. Demodesk makes sure that meetings can only be booked when you have a 15 minute time slot before the actual meeting takes place.

Demodesk Scheduling availability buffers

Scheduling pages

With Demodesk, you don’t have to go forth and back to schedule meetings. We provide you with beautiful, customizable scheduling pages (e.g. so your invitees can view your real-time availability and self-book meeting with you. Use it as an individual booking link or add your entire team for round robin scheduling.

Setting up your page is incredibly easy: Once you’ve connected your Google or Microsoft calendar, Demodesk provides you with a personalized URL that you can send to your invitees. All they have to do is select a date and time that works for them. The meeting is automatically being scheduled in your calendar and the invite is being sent to your invitee.


Demodesk Automated Meeting Scheduling Page


You can add a scheduling page to every Meeting Template. The scheduling page reflects the settings of your Meeting Template like event type, availabilities and team members specified for round robin assignment.

Tip: Once you’ve connected Demodesk with your Salesforce account, existing Salesforce objects are automatically updated or a new lead is created.

Custom branding

Demodesk scheduling pages are completely customizable. Remove Demodesk branding, add your own logo and profile picture and adapt colors to match your branding.


Demodesk Automated Meeting Scheduling Page Customized

Custom booking questions

You want to select certain information before invitees can schedule a meeting with you? Or you need more details about the customer to directly assign the meeting to the right team member?

With Demodesk you can fully customize booking questions. Provide input fields as text area, dropdowns or checkboxes and decide whether they are required or optional.


Demodesk Scheduling Page Questions

Multi-languages & automatic time zone detection

Are you serving an international customer base? And are you juggling around with multiple time zones and languages?

Demodesk automatically detects the invitee’s time zone and country settings. Meeting windows and booking links are being shown in your invitee’s browser language and time zone with intelligent time zone detection.


Demodesk Automated Meeting Scheduling Page Localization

Website embed

You want to increase website conversion by allowing prospects to directly schedule a demo with you?

Easily embed the Demodesk scheduling page in your website by adding a simple Javascript web snippet to your website code.


Demodesk Automated Scheduling Page Website Embed

Schedule for team members

Tired of all the manual legwork of deciding who’s the best fit for a meeting and checking colorful team calendars for free slots? The ability to book meetings on behalf of your colleagues using Meeting Templates is a game-changer. Combined with automated routing of meetings to the right team member based on custom criteria, Demodesk is an extremely powerful tool for any customer-facing team.

First, pick a Meeting Template. Then, choose a date and time for the meeting. The right team member will automatically be selected from the set of team members that has been assigned to the Template. Demodesk makes sure that any preset rules like meeting buffers, distribution and availability are taken into account in the background.

Tip: Once you’ve integrated Demodesk with your Salesforce account, you can automatically preselect the right Meeting Template based on specific fields of the Salesforce object. Demodesk prefills tokens automatically with data from the respective Salesforce object.


Demodesk Automated Team Scheduling

Send email notifications from meeting host or booker

Seamlessly hand-off meetings from SDR to AE to Onboarding by sending invites and reminders from either meeting host or booker.

Let’s say the SDR (Sales Development Representative) has prequalified the prospect and wants to schedule a demo with the AE (Account Executive). With Demodesk, the SDR can book a demo on behalf of the right AE in seconds. Simultaneously, email confirmations and reminders can be sent on behalf of the SDR as the meeting booker to ensure that the prospect gets back to the SDR for additional questions or rescheduling requests.


Demodesk Automated Team Scheduling Booker

Round robin & smart routing

Through round-robin routing, there’s no second-guessing who the best fit for your next meeting might be. Use advanced meeting routing to automatically select the right team member as meeting host.

Demodesk Automated Scheduling Round Robin

In combination with setting up different templates for different customer segments or teams, you can automatically route leads to the right team member based on custom criteria like territory or account ownership. Use advanced routing rules to reflect fair meeting distribution – taking vacations, weights and other adjustments (like no-shows and cancellations) into account.

Tip: When integrating Demodesk with your Salesforce account, you can route leads based on qualification rules. For example, let’s say you have separate teams that handle SMB, mid-market, and enterprise. You can setup rules in Demodesk to route leads based on which tier their company falls based on the respective Salesforce object field.

Handover meetings

We know it happens – people do get sick or have something urgent coming up on short notice. So meetings with customers need to be rescheduled or reassigned.

With Demodesk, admins have a real-time overview of all customer-facing meetings that have been scheduled across the team. They can edit, cancel and handover them to other team members on their behalf.


Demodesk Automated Scheduling Meeting Handover

Reporting & management

When you are managing a team, reporting and user management are crucial for both managing workload and identifying opportunities for improving processes.

Demodesk lets you analyze and monitor performance and meeting attendance in real-time. Within the Demodesk dashboard, you can see the number of meetings scheduled, meetings attended and meetings canceled by individuals on your team. The same KPIs can be tracked for bookers – easily analyze which SDRs booked most meetings and from which Meeting Template.

Run reports on all scheduled meetings, Meeting Templates, meeting hosts, bookers and meetings held versus cancelled versus no-shows.


Demodesk Automated Scheduling Reporting

To ensure crucial settings are only modified by the right team member, you can assign user roles. As admin, you can add and delete users, manage rights and specify who is available for automated scheduling of meetings.


Demodesk Scheduling Meeting User Management


Automate scheduling of meetings with Demodesk

Demodesk is an online meeting platform that helps you have better online meetings with your customers. We optimize the entire process from scheduling, preparing, holding and logging a meeting. No matter where you are in the world, which type of product you are selling or which other tools you are using. Our promise is to automate all manual, repetitive tasks along the process of scheduling meetings and help businesses focus on what you do best – talking to customers, building a lasting relationship and converting more, happier customers.

Try Demodesk out for yourself and sign up for a free trial. Or learn more about smart process automation and schedule a demo with someone from our team.

As always, please share your feedback or questions with us via our support chat. We’re happy to help!

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