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9 Best Sales-Focused Virtual Meeting Platforms for Product Demos in 2023

9 Best Sales-Focused Virtual Meeting Platforms for Product Demos in 2023
Kai Tomboc
September 4, 2023

When it comes to sales, there's an art and science to it.

You have to build and nurture relationships - that's the art part. But then there's also the science side of selling, where you analyze sales data, crunch numbers, and plan strategically.

Just as successful sales campaigns require a balance between relationship-building and data-driven decisions, the art and science of selling also come into play when picking the right virtual meeting platform for your online meetings. You need virtual meeting software that streamlines your sales process, helps your team win customers, and provides impactful insights.

In this straightforward guide, we'll take you through nine of the best online meeting platforms for sales teams.

  1. Demodesk Meet: Best Virtual Meeting Platform for Transactional Sales Cycles
  2. Zoom Meetings: Best Virtual Meeting Software for High-Quality Videos
  3. Google Meet: Best Platform for Collaboration
  4. Dialpad Ai Meetings (formerly UberConference): Best AI-Powered Meeting Platform
  5. GoToMeeting (formerly Best Platform for Enterprise-Grade Security
  6. Switchboard: Best Meeting Platform for Immersive Experiences
  7. BlueJeans Virtual Meetings: Best Virtual Meeting Software for Crystal-Clear Audio
  8. Teamviewer: Best Meeting Platform with 4K screen sharing
  9. Unblu: Best Meeting Platform for Sales Teams in Finance

When paired with a robust sales strategy, these platforms can help you and your team ace virtual sales meetings and consistently hit your sales targets.

Let's start with the basics first.

What is a Virtual Meeting Platform?

Sometimes used interchangeably with terms like "video conferencing platform", "online meeting platform", and "online meeting software", a virtual meeting platform is a type of software that enables anyone to connect with clients, customers, and colleagues remotely.

In sales, virtual meeting platforms are designed to help you organize sales meetings, like product demos, regardless of your location.

Virtual meeting platforms help organize sales meetings regardless of your location
Virtual meeting platforms help organize sales meetings regardless of your location

Why Do Sales Teams Need a Virtual Meeting Platform That Is Sales-Focused?

Before diving into the best virtual meeting platforms for sales teams, it's important to understand the benefits of using meeting platforms that are specifically designed for sales.

1. Nail Your First Impression

Sales-focused virtual meeting platforms have features that make your sales presentations pop.

From interactive product walkthroughs to branded virtual rooms, you'll have all the tools you need to captivate clients and kick off virtual meetings with a strong impact.

"If the prospect likes what they hear, you've earned more time. But, if they see your call or email as spam, you're out," shares Josiane Feigon, founder of TeleSmart Communications, a global training and consulting company specializing in inside sales.

Better engage prospects in every call with interactive demos
Better engage your prospects

2. Speed Up Sharing (and Buying Decisions Too)

Time is money in sales, and these online meeting platforms get that. With features like automated email reminders and real-time collaboration, you can quickly provide next steps to your clients.

As a result, there's no more waiting around – just smooth, efficient conversations that help prospects make up their minds faster.

3. Read the Room (Even Virtually)

Sales-focused platforms often offer real-time feedback and interaction features that can help you gauge client reactions right away, answer questions promptly, and adapt your presentation strategies on the fly.

You'll know if you're nailing it or need to switch gears in your pitches without leaving your online meeting platform.

4. Let Data Be Your Guide

Numbers don't lie. And sales-centric virtual meeting platforms should share engagement data and analytics.

This means you'll know what went well in the meeting, how many no-shows there were, and what's keeping your prospects hooked.

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Numbers don't lie. And sales-centric virtual meeting platforms should share engagement data and analytics.
Numbers don’t lie

5. Join Forces with Your Favorite Tools

Staying organized is key in online meetings, and sales-focused virtual meeting platforms often allow for smooth CRM (customer relationship management) integration.

This means you won't miss a beat as all your meeting info syncs seamlessly with your CRM. Making follow-ups a breeze.

6. Lock Down Security

When you're discussing deals and sensitive information, security is a must. Sales-focused online meeting platforms know this and often amp up their platform's data protection.

So you and your prospects can have peace of mind, knowing your confidential conversations are locked down tight.

7. Sell from Anywhere, Anytime

Sales teams often need to conduct and host virtual meetings with clients across different time zones and locations.

Sales-focused online meeting platforms let you dial in from wherever you are, whether it's your office, your couch, or halfway around the world.

Sales-focused online meeting platforms let you dial in from wherever you are, whether it's your office, your couch, or halfway around the world.
Dial in from wherever you are

8. Happier, More Engaged Employees

Work flexibility such as the ability to host meetings with prospects from anywhere at anytime is also linked to improved job satisfaction, fewer instances of employee burnout, and a more positive work culture.

What's more, a Gallup study found that flexible work schedules also drive employee engagement. And a highly engaged workforce tends to lead to better financial outcomes for the business.

A highly engaged workforce tends to lead to better financial outcomes for the business
Higher engagement leads to better financial outcomes

9 Best Virtual Meeting Platforms for Product Demos

Now that you’re ready to step up your sales game with online meeting software, and connect with high-quality leads, let's get into some virtual meeting platforms that can help you achieve your business goals.

1. Demodesk Meet: Best Virtual Meeting Platform for Transactional Sales Cycles

Virtual Meeting Platforms: Demodesk Meet
Demodesk Meet

Demodesk Meet leads the pack of sales-focused video conferencing platforms you should test with your team.

From enterprise to small and medium businesses, Demodesk is the go-to business communications platform for sales teams who want to reduce ramp time, increase quota attainment, and boost sales productivity.

Built specifically for revenue teams, Demodesk aims to empower every sales rep to become a top performer through the following features:

Streamline Your Sales Process

Gone are the days of juggling multiple platforms for scheduling meetings, conducting product demos, video calls, and trying to keep track of everything. Demodesk Meet does it all in one platform.

Alphin, a SaaS influencer marketing solution, uses Demodesk to automate scheduling, streamline content management, and centralize meeting data in Salesforce.

The result? A scalable and standardized sales process.

Gain Insights for Better Demos

Demodesk Meet is more than just virtual meeting software. It also provides real-time insights and actionable data to improve live product demos and presentations.

With data-driven decision-making, your team can close deals more confidently.

Empower Sales Coaching

Demodesk Meet's call shadowing feature is perfect for onboarding and coaching sales representatives.

Standardized playbooks can also be preloaded into the platform to help your team breeze through every virtual meeting.

Plus, you can quickly access sales content and recordings to analyze performance and provide coaching at scale.

Increase quota attainment with real-time sales guidance
Check out how to increase quota attainment

Wow Prospects with Engaging Demos

While traditional meeting tools lack interactivity, Demodesk offers an interactive screen sharing experience when sales reps host virtual meetings.

Take Papershift's case, for instance. Instead of lecturing the customer about Papershift's benefits, their reps can let their prospects experience how to use the product firsthand during live demos.

Learn more: How Papershift Uses Demodesk To Increase Sales Demo Effectiveness

Cons of Demodesk for Product Demos

Demodesk Meet doesn't have a free version or a basic plan. If that's what you're looking for, this might not be the right virtual meeting software for you.

2. Zoom Meetings: Best Virtual Meeting Platform for High-Quality Videos

Virtual meeting platforms: Zoom
Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings is a popular online meeting platform that is widely used by small and medium businesses in various industries for virtual meetings and video calls. This online meeting platform is a popular choice for product demos because of the following:

  • High-quality video and audio
  • Virtual selling experience
  • Dual screen sharing features
  • Breakout rooms
  • Recording and transcription
  • Integrations with other tools in your sales stack
  • Sales reps can sync schedules instantly with appointment booking links
  • Available for mobile

Cons of Zoom Meeting for Product Demos:

Zoom Meetings has its own set of downsides, too.

  • Zoom bombing is a possibility. This happens when uninvited participants join a Zoom video call through a Zoom link and disrupt the meeting. It can also be used to steal sensitive information, such as passwords or credit card numbers. While Zoom has taken steps to enhance security, some prospects might still have concerns about the platform's data protection measures.
  • Video calls aren't as interactive and may feel like a one-sided presentation for the participants.
  • You'll need to download the app on your mobile device or computer. Unfortunately, this process can be time-consuming and take up valuable memory space.
  • Integrations may require an extra fee.
  • You need to pay extra if you want more meeting participants.
  • You have to pay extra to store your recorded meetings in the cloud as cloud storage fills up quickly.
  • The free version only allows meetings up to 40 minutes long, after which point your product demo will automatically shut down.

3. Google Meet: Best Platform for Collaboration

Virtual meeting platforms: Google Meet
Google Meet

Next up is Google Meet, another top contender in the virtual meeting platform arena.

Here are some of its features specific to sales meetings and demos:

  • With its integration into the Google Workspace ecosystem, Google Meet seamlessly connects with other productivity tools such as Gmail and Google Calendar, enhancing collaboration for sales reps.
  • Real-time file sharing through Google Drive enables presenters to share sales collateral, product specifications, and pricing sheets directly within the meeting.
  • Google Meet also lets you create breakout rooms, which can help facilitate small group discussions.

Cons of Google Meet for Product Demos:

  • Recording calls and saving them afterward on Google Drive is only available for Google Business Standard and Business Plus accounts.
  • The free version of Google Meet has limited features, such as no breakout rooms or live transcription.
  • Users outside of the domain may need to create an account. If you invite many non-Google users to a Google Meet, consider using a different virtual meeting platform.

4. Dialpad Ai Meetings (formerly UberConference): Best AI-Powered Virtual Meeting Platform

Virtual meeting platforms: Dialpad Ai Meetings
Dialpad Ai Meetings

Dialpad Ai Meetings is online meeting software that features one-click video conferencing, live AI transcriptions, and intelligent collaboration features.

Its sales-focused features include the following:

  • Call analytics, which can help you track your product demos' performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Real-time meeting transcriptions, which track keywords from customer conversations, and detect customer sentiment.
  • More collaborative video meetings thanks to tools such as virtual whiteboards and document sharing, which can help you work more effectively with your prospects.

Cons of Dialpad Ai Meetings for Product Demos:

  • It is a premium video conferencing platform so it can be more expensive than some of the other options on the market.
  • Sales CRM integration is not available for Standard accounts. Integration with popular sales CRMs, such as Salesforce and HubSpot, is only available for its Pro and Enterprise accounts.
  • Dialpad Ai Meetings has a bit of a learning curve, so it may take some time for sales reps to get used to the platform.
  • It is less widely used than some of the other options on the market, so fewer people may be familiar with it.
  • Live agent support is not available for the Standard plan.

5. GoToMeeting (formerly Best Virtual Meeting Platform for Enterprise-Grade Security

virtual meeting platforms: GoTo Meeting
GoTo Meeting

GoToMeeting, formerly, is a video conferencing software that takes pride in its enterprise-grade security.

It is a video conferencing tool commonly used by sales teams that are looking for a tool with basic video chat and screen sharing functionalities.

Its noteworthy features include the following:

  • Quick, secure access that doesn't require any downloads
  • One-click meetings
  • Seamless integrations alongside your existing tech stack
  • Capability to record meetings in the cloud
  • Customizable meeting rooms, email templates, links, and invites for a more personal touch to your sales communication

Cons of GoToMeeting for Product Demos:

  • You need to download software to use it.
  • It doesn't have a free plan.
  • If you want to make phone calls or use it on your phone, you have to get GoToConnect, which is the "all-in-one" version that includes a VoIP phone system.
  • The most basic plan doesn't include transcription, note taking, unlimited cloud recording, and also doesn't allow co-organizers.

6. Switchboard: Best Virtual Meeting Platform for Immersive Experiences

virtual meeting platforms: switchboard

Switchboard is a browser-based collaboration hub that's currently in its beta phase.

It stands out among other virtual meeting platforms for sales teams because presentations and demos feel like a multi-player experience.

Here's a closer look at its features:

  • Interactive custom rooms for each prospect, personalized demos, docs, and notes.
  • No download is required to get your own "room".
  • Prospects can experience the product live during product demos through shared browsers instead of the usual screen sharing. Anyone can also work side-by-side, allowing participants to scroll, type, and browse the same document simultaneously. This leads to a more immersive experience.
  • You can record meetings and add them to your room for asynchronous collaboration.

Cons of Switchboard for Product Demos:

  • It's still in the beta phase, so it's prone to glitches.
  • The pricing structure is not yet available. Once paid subscriptions are launched, users may need to pay for premium plans if the free plan will not include the features they were using while the product is in beta.

7. BlueJeans Virtual Meetings: Best Virtual Meeting Platform for Crystal-Clear Audio

virtual meeting platforms: BlueJeans

If background noise is a challenge every time you or one of your remote team members are on a sales demo, give BlueJeans a try.

BlueJeans was acquired by Verizon in 2020, and is a video conferencing platform that boasts the use of Dolby Voice technology. Which helps improve audio quality during video conferencing calls.

Some of its key features are:

  • Transcribes conversations, highlights crucial moments, delegates tasks, and creates action items post-meeting for a more efficient sales process.
  • Personalized summaries are sent to participants after a virtual event.
  • Live captioning for Enterprise Plans.
  • In-app messaging and participant reaction functions.

Cons of BlueJeans Virtual Meetings for Product Demos:

  • BlueJeans Meetings by Verizon will be retired in the first half of 2024.

8. Teamviewer: Best Virtual Meeting Platform with 4K screen sharing

Virtual meeting platforms: TeamViewer

TeamViewer Meetings, formerly Blizz, is another alternative for sales teams looking for a virtual meeting platform that includes voice, video, screen sharing, and instant messaging.

Some of its notable features are:

  • You can host a meeting without an account (but only limited to up to 5 participants).
  • 4K screen sharing, ensuring clear and detailed presentations.
  • Advanced security with end-to-end encryption for confidential discussions.
  • Enhanced collaboration during demos with HD video calls, Outlook integration, and collaborative chat.
  • Available across MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android platforms for compatibility

Cons of Teamviewer for Product Demos:

  • Scheduling meeting sessions, adding contacts to your list and chat messaging are only available after creating a TeamViewer account.
  • You need to purchase a license to be able to create a TeamViewer account.
  • Audio issues if you're using VoIP

9. Unblu: Best Virtual Meeting Platform for Sales Teams in Finance

virtual meeting platforms: Unblu

Unblu, a Swiss software company, refers to itself as a "conversational engagement platform for financial services".

In 2022, it became a part of the Swiss Post Ltd., whose mission is to develop software that enables meaningful conversations between financial service providers and their customers.

Some of its notable features are:

  • Video calls coupled with co-browsing and screen sharing for real-time, efficient, and secure exchanges.
  • Secure online meetings that align with financial regulations and integrate with existing security setups.
  • Create chatbots to answer customer questions, provide support, and even sell products.
  • In-app text messaging.
  • Fully integrated with e-banking applications, customer portals, and mobile app.

Cons of Unblu for Product Demos:

This virtual meeting platform is made for financial institutions, so this is not ideal for hosting online meetings if you're not in the industry.

Best sales-focused virtual meeting platforms for product demos in 2023: Comparison chart
Virtual Meeting Platforms Comparison Chart

Sales Meetings Are Different From Other Kinds of Meetings

Sales meetings differ from your usual virtual events or conference room sessions because they have a specific objective: closing a deal.

They require careful planning, execution, and appropriate tools to succeed.

One of the most important stages in a sales process is the product demo. A well-implemented product demo is crucial to closing deals. But it can be challenging to give a good demo without the right tools for hosting meetings, especially if it's done online.

If you're on the hunt for the best virtual meeting software tailored explicitly for product demos, look no further than Demodesk Meet.

Choose Demodesk Meet so you and your team can:

  • Automatically update your CRM during calls to save time and ensure up-to-date customer information.
  • Take notes during meetings and easily update your CRM with important information like contacts, events, opportunities, and next steps.
  • Automatically load helpful material like slides, websites, and speaker notes for each call.
  • Track information like no-show rates, call length, number of participants, and which playbook was used to keep your CRM organized and accurate.
  • Use analytics to see why top sales reps are successful and help new reps get up to speed faster.
  • Coach your sales team more effectively and listen in on calls in real-time to provide support.
More than just a virtual meeting platform
Easily create, customize, and change your sales playbooks

Demodesk Has Everything You’re Looking for in a Sales Meeting Platform

The right virtual meeting platform can help you show off your product, negotiate deals, hold team meetings, and share information in real time. A few other noteworthy functionalities include secure screen sharing, HD video calling, and having a wide variety of virtual backgrounds to choose from.

It also helps if you can save meeting recordings with ease, automate non-selling tasks, and create interactive presentations to make your online meetings and product demos more engaging.

And most exciting of all? The best virtual meeting platforms for sales should enable you to coach your sales team in real-time — a must for effective sales coaching.

Download the Sales Coaching Guide for Free
Download the Sales Coaching Guide

You can get all of these with Demodesk Meet.

Try it for free and get 7 days of full access. Want to see it in action instead? Request a demo today.

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