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8 Best Calendly Alternatives For Sales Teams in 2023 (With Pros & Cons)

8 Best Calendly Alternatives For Sales Teams in 2023 (With Pros & Cons)
Sarah Wisbey
June 27, 2023

A staggering 71% of senior managers interviewed by Harvard Business Review said their meetings are inefficient and unproductive.

If you dread meetings, you probably also dread organizing them.

We all want to focus our efforts on things that actually benefit revenue growth. And spending time scheduling meetings and sales calls is unarguably an inefficient use of your time.

You can find out just how inefficient using this ROI calculator.

Whether you're a salesperson, consultant, or entrepreneur, you can use scheduling software to optimize your time management and streamline your workflow.

Calendly has become one of the most popular tools for scheduling appointments and group meetings. But if it doesn’t check all the boxes for you, no problem. There are plenty of great alternatives out there!

If you're looking for Calendly alternatives that offer flexibility, better customization options, and seamless integrations with your existing tools, you're in the right place.

We’ll be digging into the pros, cons, and pricing of the following Calendly alternatives:

  1. Demodesk Scheduling
  2. Acuity Scheduling
  3. Book Like A Boss
  4. Doodle
  5. Sprintful
  6. Simply Book Me
  7. Hubspot Sales
  8. Chili Piper

Let's dive right in so you can carry on with deciding which is the right tool to help save you hours of time and stress.

What Is a Sales Scheduling Tool?

A sales scheduling tool is an online platform or software that enables you to streamline the process of meeting scheduling, booking sales demo calls, and calendar management.

These tools optimize your workflow and enable leads to seamlessly book meetings with you.

When someone is in your sales funnel, you want to provide them with an exceptional sales experience in order to convince them that your solution is the best for their needs.

Using a scheduling tool can help you streamline their customer experience by taking out the back-and-forth that would otherwise need to happen in order to schedule a meeting.

Nothing is worse than a glitchy process when someone wants to book a demo call. If the first touchpoint with your business isn’t smooth, it’s very likely your leads will disappear.

A sales scheduling tool will also offer calendar integrations to avoid double bookings and ensure your prospects can find a time you're available. This eliminates the need for time-wasting back-and-forth emails and automatically manages timezone scheduling.

Effective sales scheduling software also sends email reminders to both parties and can send reports and analytics about appointment metrics. This is great if you lead sales teams and need an overview of their calls.

Why Do People Use Calendly?

Calendly became ubiquitous with meeting scheduling, and you probably have many scheduling links from the tool in your inbox.

As with any other scheduling software, Calendly allows people to book meetings, input meetings into their calendar, and send automatic reminder emails before the meetings.

People who manage meetings at scale are the ones who benefit most from this tool. However, managing meetings across multiple calendars isn't seamless with Calendly.

Calendly's free plan only allows you to connect one calendar. The next price plan is $8 a seat per month, which allows you to connect six calendars.

The professional plan is for small teams and costs $12 per person per month. This allows you to create collective event types. The teams plan is $16 per person per month and enables you to generate round-robin meetings.

According to Calendly’s verified reviews, there are some limitations with collaborative events as people need to be users in your account to share an event. It's also challenging to integrate calendars from more than one company.

Despite being a fairly basic tool, the user experience isn't always seamless due to its limited features and lack of customization options.

Appointment Scheduling Software: 8 Best Calendly Alternatives

If you want a robust tool that you can rely on across your whole sales funnel, check out some of these popular scheduling tools below.

1. Demodesk Scheduling

Calendly Alternatives: Demodesk Scheduling Image
Demodesk Scheduling

Demodesk Scheduling allows you to book more meetings and improve your speed to lead. Potential customers can schedule meetings with you in seconds from your professional booking page.

Demodesk clients like Localyze reduced their speed to lead time by 99% using the routing forms feature, which improved the routing accuracy of leads to their sales team by 31%.

Key features

Demodesk’s software can spot high-intent leads, use screening questions to qualify them, and schedule meetings with the right member of the sales team.

This saves you time by disqualifying low-quality leads and preventing unnecessary appointments from being scheduled.

You can also use Demodesk to automatically update your CRM and accurately assign leads to the sales reps who already had contact with them.

Tools that Demodesk integrates with:

  • G Suite (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Slides)
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Hubspot
  • Gong
  • Chorus
  • Guru
  • Pipedrive
  • Make
  • Allego
  • Microsoft Office
  • Modjo


  • The CRM sync feature saves you hours of manual work assigning leads to sales reps. It prevents leads from getting assigned to the wrong reps and forestalls any discontent on the team due to unfair lead distribution.
  • Dozens of integrations make it easy for you to integrate the tool into your existing workflow.
  • Routing forms can be used to screen leads and prevent unqualified meetings from being scheduled.


  • This isn't the right option if you're looking for a free plan or cheap scheduling software.


  • The starting price is €29 €19 (limited-time deal, ending Sep. 30, 2023) per user per month, and includes:
    • Unlimited event types
    • Booking pages and links
    • Website embedding
    • Lead routing and distribution
    • Meeting handoff
    • Reminder notifications
    • Calendar and CRM sync

2. Acuity Scheduling

Calendly Alternatives: Acuity Scheduling Image
Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is like having a personal online scheduling assistant, with more advanced features than Calendly. You can integrate payment platforms like Stripe with your Acuity Scheduling account, and it also has integrations with tools like Mailchimp and Quickbooks. You can use the tool to automate reminders, appointments, and payments.

The critical difference that makes this a great Calendly alternative is that it isn't only an appointment scheduling software. It can also be used to sell your services directly to prospects. This is great for customer relationship management as it takes a step out of the sales process.


  • When leads or clients book a call with you, they're asked to fill out their information so that you can have it all in one place. The beauty of the tool is the simplicity of use and self-explanatory user experience.
  • The advanced features allow you to optimize your availability preferences for fewer appointment gaps and integrates with over 500+ apps through Zapier.


  • You can't use your account for more than one business, so if you run more than one website, you need to register for two Acuity Scheduling accounts, which doesn't make any sense when trying to simplify your appointment scheduling!
  • Group scheduling isn't an option with this tool, making it better for small businesses.


  • For €16 a month, one user can offer unlimited services and appointments, client self-scheduling, automatic timezone conversion, confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails.
  • For €27 a month, six users get all the features above, SMS notifications, appointment packages (including payment plans), and the option to sell subscriptions, memberships, and gift certificates.
  • For €49 a month, 36 users get all the features above, removal of the Acuity scheduling branding, sign BAA for HIPAA compliance, and custom API & CSS for developers.

3. Book Like A Boss

Calendly Alternatives: Book Like A Boss Image
Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss is another appointment scheduling tool that enables you to sell your services directly from your custom domain. One of the defining features of this tool is that you can fully customize your booking pages.


  • Users love the customization options and how easy it is to use the tool.
  • It can be used on the mobile app.


  • You can only connect one payment service with your booking page.
  • Setting up and integrating with your Google calendar isn’t very intuitive.


  • There's no free version of this tool, but free trials are available to help you decide whether it's the tool for you.
  • Solopreneur prices start at $9 a month, ideal if you only want to use the tool to schedule appointments.
  • If you're a solopreneur who wants to use the tool to sell your products, the $29-a-month plan will suit you better. It includes white labeling, calendar embed, custom branding, domain, events, classes, groups, and recurring bookings.
  • For companies, prices start at $35 monthly, including all available features.

4. Doodle

Calendly Alternatives: Doodle Image

Doodle is one of the most popular scheduling tools that offers a very similar user experience to Calendly. It allows you to share appointment or booking pages with colleagues or leads.

And one of the main features of this tool is the ability to share polls with team members so they can indicate when they're free.


  • If you're looking for free Calendly alternatives, this could be a good option for you because individuals can get a free account.
  • Many reviews rate the tool's simplicity as one of its best benefits and claim that it’s easy to use for people who aren't technical.
  • The appointment scheduling software integrates with your favorite office apps such as Zoom, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Zapier, Google Calendar, and Google Meet.


  • The lack of advanced features or integrations makes this scheduling software best for solopreneurs or people who don't manage large teams or need to schedule group meetings.


  • A free plan gives one user one booking page.
  • For €6.95 a month, one user gets unlimited booking pages, unlimited 1:1s, unlimited email invites, and custom branding.
  • For €8.95 a month, five users get all the features above, admin consoles, book-on-behalf options, and activity reports.
  • Enterprise options are available for a custom price.

5. Sprintful

Calendly Alternatives: Sprintful Image

The unique thing about Sprintful is that it offers three different scheduling tools in one, instead of trying to be all things to everyone. You can choose from three options - one on one meetings, group meetings, and team meetings.

This tool also collects customer details and asks specific questions when they book meetings with you in order to avoid random bookings. The more details customers provide before scheduling a meeting with you, the better.

You can pull reports with data about customer bookings. And it will also create automatic meeting buffers so you don't get every minute of your time booked.


  • Unlike Calendly, you can sync meeting details in multiple calendars using this tool.
  • You can connect all your personal and team calendars, and the tool will make automatic timezone adjustments and pull your availability.
  • Dozens of integrations include Slack, Zoom, Zapier, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Salesforce, NodeJS, and Webhooks.
  • Payment integration with Stripe allows people to pay when they book a call with you.


  • Stripe is the only payment integration they offer.
  • Integrations are limited even if you have one of the paid plans.


  • No free plan.
  • Starting price is $9 monthly for two booking pages, up to 500 bookings monthly, and 4 integrations.
  • The business plan is $49 a month, includes 12 integrations, and 10,000 bookings.
  • All plans include payment collection via Stripe.

6. Simply Book Me

Calendly Alternatives: Simply Book Me Image
Simply Book Me

This appointment scheduling software is for service-based businesses rather than individuals and B2B companies.

It offers online bookings via a mobile app, a client and admin app, multiple integrations, and the ability to accept payments online.

There are also many customization options to make your booking page on-brand. All the paid plans include scheduling, a booking website, administration, and email and browser notifications.


  • One of the only Calendly alternatives that offers integrations with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and Google Maps.
  • You can accept bookings from multiple channels with this tool.


  • The tool is focused on businesses that have more in-person meetings and isn't the right appointment-scheduling software for sales teams who book more digital meetings.


  • 14-day free trial, which includes 50 bookings and most of the custom features.
  • A free plan for one user allows you to make 50 bookings a month.
  • For €8.25 a month, five users get 100 bookings, a sales POS, and three custom features.
  • For €24.90 a month, 15 users get 500 bookings, all the features above, link removal, and HIPAA.
  • For €82.50 a month, 60 users get 5,000 bookings, and all the features above.

7. Hubspot Sales

Calendly Alternatives: Hubspot Sales Image
Hubspot Sales

Hubspot offers meeting scheduling software as part of its sales software stack, which provides email tracking, templates, call monitoring, and recording.

The software has Office 365 and Google Calendar integrations, and leads can automatically schedule appointments in both calendars.


  • One of the essential features is the activity list which helps you track who you've spoken to and who has engaged with your emails.
  • You can use the tool for email sequences.


  • Removing contacts from sequences is difficult when a meeting is scheduled.
  • The sequence's feature is limited and very basic.
  • There is no autosave feature which means some information can get lost.
  • It's more expensive than other scheduling tools on this list.
  • The tool needs to improve at assigning a sequence to the right person.


  • The free price plan allows contact management, deal pipelines, quotes, meeting scheduling, live chat, and a reporting dashboard.
  • For $45 a month, you get everything in the free plan and simple automation, conversation routing, multiple currencies, and rep productivity performance.
  • The Professional plan is $450 a month and covers everything above, including teams, custom reporting, and phone support.

8. Chili Piper

Calendly Alternatives: Chili Piper Image
Chili Piper

This Calendly alternative for B2B revenue teams enables you to book a demo with prospects as soon as they show interest in a meeting. The tool lets you close sales deals quicker and convert your pipeline into revenue.

Chili Piper is one of the Calendly alternatives with the most robust features, such as automatically logging all activities into your CRM.


  • Automated reminders and rescheduling options make it easy for guests to change their appointment with you. This feature is integral for reducing no-shows, fake bookings, and follow-up time.
  • There's a Chrome extension to make booking even more effortless. The extension integrates with Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, and SalesLoft, meaning you can book meetings from any app.
  • You can customize meetings with dynamic tags and templates to personalize the customer experience.


  • The lead distribution feature isn’t seamless, and there are sometimes mix-ups between sales reps.
  • The initial setup of the tool can be time-consuming.
  • You can’t customize the branding for your company.


  • The “Instant Booker” plan gets you one monthly user for $15. The plan includes 1-click scheduling, no-show and cancellation management, group booking links, unlimited meeting types, and browser extensions.
  • The “Handoff” package is $25 per user per month. You get everything from the “Instant Booker” plan, round-robin based on CRM or custom rules, and custom routing rules to assign leads to the right owner.
  • “Form Concierge” is $30 per user per month and has a bunch of extra features such as calendar availability on your site, meetings from any web form, real-time lead qualification, email and SMS reminders, routing based on custom fields, lead assignment to account owners, booking links for sales and CS reps, integrations and more.

Choose From the Best Calendly Alternatives For Your Business

Hundreds of scheduling apps and tools on the market make it overwhelming to decide which one to choose. So we only included the Calendly alternatives with the best ratings and integration options.

As you've seen in this roundup, each tool has a slightly different offer and works best for different business types. Choosing the right scheduling software for your team can help your reps get off to a great start in the sales cycle by saving them valuable time and preventing common frustrations such as misassigned leads.

Depending on your team size and needs, you should choose the tool with the combination of features that maximizes your team’s productivity. Whether that’s a more straightforward solution like Calendly, a feature-heavy solution like Chili Piper, or something balanced and just right like Demodesk Scheduling.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of using a scheduling solution to automate scheduling for your team are undeniable.

If you need a tool that eliminates the hassle of assigning the right salesperson to the right lead, Demodesk is the best option. It will help you reduce the need for manual work and seamlessly close your leads. You’ll see the difference in your bottom line.

Schedule a call to find out how Demodesk can transform your workflow.

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