Set up team-wide playbooks and enable anyone deliver the most engaging and consistent pitch in every interaction

Always show the perfect pitch

Enable anyone to deliver the most engaging and consistent pitch in every interaction.

Preload slides, websites, applications or documents for the right persona and stage in the sales cycle – automatically at the start of every meeting.

Create a standardized, scalable process

Set up personalized talk tracks with every playbook to have the perfect pitch readily available at all times.

Make structured meeting notes during the call and automatically keep Salesforce up-to-date using custom field sync.


Handle any sales objection in real-time

Set up a library of battle cards to handle sales objections and critical questions. Make them available for anyone to use in real-time during the meeting.

Automatically sync existing content like your FAQ database or Google docs.

Manage playbooks for your team in one central place

Demodesk works instantly on desktop, tablet and mobile phones without any download or installation and with all browsers.

Real-time Sales Assistance.
Automated Coaching & Onboarding.

automatically load presentation content on at the meeting start
personal and shared playbooks for multiple call types and personas
Google slides integration with real-time sync
meeting agenda to structure calls and organize content
custom talk tracks that are available in real-time during the meeting
note taking during the meeting, not visible to the customer
structured note taking using custom fields
battle cards for real-time objection handling
automated CRM logging and field sync using custom tokens

Make the most out of every customer conversation.

No downloads. 7-day free trial. No credit card.