Playbooks & Battlecards

Your real-time sales assistant

Automatically load the perfect playbook into every meeting – slides, web apps, talk tracks and battle cards on the spot.

Increase close rates, shorten ramp time, use consistent messaging across the team, and coach reps at scale.

The right sales content is preloaded into every meeting – including dynamic playbooks, battle cards, speaker notes, & more!
Real-time sales playbooks help guide sellers by structuring calls, maintaining sales narratives, & customizing every pitch.

The perfect pitch for every meeting

Automatically load the perfect slides, websites & speaker notes into every customer meeting.

Structure and maintain your sales narrative with playbooks tailored to each customer conversation.

Demodesk is a key part of our high velocity sales process. The meeting playbooks and speaker notes increase our engagement in meetings.”
Emil Mahr, Senior AE
Be able to answer any product question or sales objection within the call with battle cards.
Automatically personalize pitches to every customer by recalling customer info from your sales tools to every meeting.

Personalize pitches without the effort

Automatically customize every pitch with dynamic tokens – personalize content and recall the right data into all your meetings.

Engage customers with a more relevant pitch.

Now our reps always have the most relevant content at their fingertips. And Demodesk’s integrations ensure they have all the necessary data available during their calls.”
Magdalena Prantl, Growth Marketing
Have team-wide sales content in one central place to make sure reps use the standardized & most up-to-date sales narrative.

The right content at the right time

Manage and sync your sales collateral with the tools you use to automate meeting prep and to start every meeting with all the right content.

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