Become the superstar on your team
with our AI-based real-time conversation assistant

Persona-specific playbooks and talking tracks

No matter how experienced you are – having the perfect pitch available for every persona and pain point increases the likelihood of success by a factor of 10.
Demodesk onboards and coaches anyone in real-time by providing persona-specific sales playbooks and talk tracks while on the call.

The right content at the right time - always

Want to have the right presentation content available at the right time?
Demodesk automatically loads up-to-date, targeted slides, websites, apps and documents at the meeting start to cut down preparation time and ensure consistency.

Cheat sheets for handling sales objections

Your customer asks a tough question only an experienced sales rep would have a great answer to? Or you have to pitch a feature against a specific competitor in the live demo?
Handle sales objections or critical questions with battle-proven cheat sheets to enable anyone master the most challenging customer conversations.

In-meeting note taking and CRM logging

Automate documentation and CRM logging with in-meeting note taking and field sync.
Demodesk integrates with all popular CRM tools.

Perform better demos, onboard customers faster,
automate manual tasks and scale your team