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Demodesk Spring 2024 Release

Demodesk Spring 2024 Release
Veronika Wax
April 19, 2024

We're more than excited to bring you the latest Demodesk product updates:

Auto-score meetings with AI Coach


In today's fast-paced environment, scalable and efficient coaching is more crucial than ever. Our AI Coach is designed to streamline this process, eliminating the need to review countless hours of recordings manually. The Demodesk AI Coach provides instant, personalized, and actionable feedback after every sales call. There is no setup required – we leverage best-in-class AI combined with insights from >1 million sales calls and frameworks from leading sales coaches.

Summarize all your meetings with AI


Now, you can record and summarize all your internal and external meetings with our universal integration for Microsoft Teams, Meet, and also now Zoom. The notetaker will join your scheduled meetings automatically so that you can focus on the conversation instead of taking notes.

Localize your AI summaries

You have the option to choose a default language for your summaries. This allows you to adapt the summary to better suit the needs and preferences of your team or yourself, enhancing both clarity and accessibility. Additionally, you are able to obtain translations of your summaries, similar to how you can with transcripts.



Introducing the new manager user role

The new 'Manager' user role is designed to streamline team oversight and management. Tailored for those who need to keep a finger on the pulse of their team's operations, this role empowers users to oversee playbooks, meeting types, and group-specific insights, all while being restricted to access and manage company data and billing details. It's a strategic move to delegate responsibility, ensuring that Managers have the tools they need to guide their teams effectively, without overstepping into sensitive company-wide information. This carefully calibrated access fosters both autonomy and accountability, making it easier than ever for Managers to support their groups' success.

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🚀 Recent enhancements

Scorecard Library

Leverage our best practices scorecards, meticulously crafted from a wealth of insights garnered from numerous sales meetings. Empower your team to excel with targeted guidance and actionable learnings, ensuring rapid skill enhancement and tangible results. Ready to transform your sales strategy? Dive in now and unleash your team's full potential.

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Comment and Share moments right from your transcript

You can comment on and share key moments without ever leaving the page. This new feature streamlines collaboration and communication, ensuring that insights and important points are easily highlighted and shared with your team. Stay connected and make your meetings more interactive and productive.

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Store AI Meeting Summaries in your CRM

AI-generated meeting summaries will automatically find their way into your CRM's event notes, ensuring no detail or insight is lost in translation. This seamless transfer is set by default to enhance your productivity, but it comes with customizable control. Dive into your tokens settings to manage this feature or head over to your integration settings if you prefer to disable it. It's all about giving you the flexibility to tailor your CRM integration to fit your unique workflow, making sure your AI tools and CRM are perfectly synced for maximum efficiency and convenience.

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Integrate Demodesk with HubSpot Forms

Optimize your marketing and sales processes without the need to replace your existing HubSpot forms. This feature ensures that immediately after a form is submitted on your website, a Demodesk booking or routing page automatically pops up, enabling leads to schedule a meeting effortlessly. This direct linkage preserves the lead's submitted information, sparing them from having to input their details once more. It streamlines the lead capture to meeting booking journey, making it smoother and more efficient. By integrating this feature, you maintain the functionality of your HubSpot forms while enhancing the overall customer experience, potentially boosting your conversion rates through a seamless and user-friendly approach. Discover how.


More options for fair lead distribution in routing

Section (1)

We’ve introduced an option that allows you to decide if fairness in lead distribution should be ensured over an entire month or within each individual week. This ensures that leads are evenly assigned in a way that best suits your sales strategy. Additionally, this flexibility extends to choosing whether to apply the fair distribution to a particular routing pathway or to all routing paths, giving you full control over how leads are shared among your team.

Enhanced Conditions for Routing Rules


Our routing feature has been enhanced to give you more control and accuracy. Now, you can specify multiple keywords for text-based criteria, which is particularly effective for matching based on country names. This allows for more nuanced and detailed conditions. Additionally, we’ve introduced support for numeric operators (equals, greater than, or less than) for number-based criteria. This is ideal for matching based on company sizes, offering a more tailored routing experience. These improvements are aimed at boosting workflow efficiency, ensuring every routing decision is as precise and relevant as possible.


💎 Hidden gems

Always get the perfect meeting summary

AI automations provide sales leaders with total control over their workflows. It enables the creation of tailored meeting summaries for immediate insights. Summaries are generated based on the first matching rule; therefore, organize your rules from the most specific to the least specific.

image (10)

Auto record

Gone are the days of panicking mid-meeting upon realizing you forgot to hit 'record'. Embrace the future of hassle-free meeting documentation with auto-recording for your meetings. This nifty feature doesn't just free you from the burden of remembering to record; it ensures that all your meetings are automatically captured, so you never miss a beat. Plus, it's 100% GDPR compliant, giving you peace of mind that your recordings are as secure as they are comprehensive. You can activate it in your meeting type under advanced options.

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