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Treatwell’s Reps Close Deals on Their 1st Day w/ Demodesk

Online Hair & Beauty
Founded in 2008
500-1,000 employees
HQ in London, England
Treatwell’s Reps Close Deals on Their 1st Day w/ Demodesk
Treatwell's results after implementing Demodesk

Treatwell is transforming the way the hair and beauty community and their clients connect online. Their software offers easy online booking options for customers along with stronger visibility for salons across the industry. With this in mind, they needed a sales tool that could easily be adopted and customized by their regional sales reps.

About Treatwell

Treatwell is a UK-based platform that makes booking beauty appointments more efficient for both clients and salon owners across 13 countries. The marketplace structure allows customers to schedule their appointments online, 24/7.

Clients can even flip through a digital LookBook that promotes stylists and their work. Meanwhile, their software also helps owners run their businesses. This SaaS program includes features like:

  • A company calendar
  • Point-Of-Service platform for sales
  • Historical customer database
  • Stock management
  • Client statistics

The Challenges

As the France Supply Director at Treatwell, Marjorie Poyen manages a team of 20 field and inside sales reps. With that number expected to double in the next year, she knew that she needed a more structured approach to their sales pitches.

Treatwell's challenges before using Demodesk

Before using Demodesk, the Treatwell sales team would use GoogleMeet for their virtual sales calls. Reps would only be able to share their screens to pitch the product, making it difficult to fully engage prospects.

Since GoogleMeet only allowed them to share their screen in sales calls, reps would have to prepare various browser tabs before each meeting. This made it hard for the sales team to have a consistent narrative and scale their processes.

The team also had to manually schedule calls and send email reminders for every client meeting. Having to do this, they spent many hours on meeting preparation & administrative tasks – instead of selling.

Marjorie wanted to decrease the amount of time spent on these admin tasks, as well as create more centralized content for her sales reps. By finding a meeting tool built specifically for sales teams, she was hoping to convert more prospects.

Additionally, Marjorie wanted a sales tool that was easy, intuitive, and quick to learn for the fast-growing sales team.

The Solution

With Demodesk, Treatwell’s sales team now has intuitive, centralized, and easy-to-build sales playbooks. Marjorie’s reps can easily access and use sales content that aligns with their specific sales narrative.

Sales reps can also reduce time spent on admin tasks by:

Treatwell has also seen amazing results from Demodesk’s interactive features. The control sharing (a.k.a. interactivity) option has become essential to increasing engagement with each of their prospects. When their clients can physically click around the Treatwell platform, they are easily able to see how the platform would benefit them.

As a manager, Majorie also appreciates the shadowing feature. She can coach & ensure her reps are using best practices during every call, without disturbing the flow of their meetings.


Using Demodesk, her sales team was able to eliminate 1-2 hours of admin tasks per day. This time was previously spent on scheduling calls, sending reminder emails, creating pitch decks, and entering customer information into their CRM. Now, this time can be spent on closing more deals!

The interactivity feature has also helped increase their conversion rates by 30%. Aside from an increase in customer engagement, Demodesk has also helped reduce no-show rates and boost customer knowledge retention.

Additionally, having a user-friendly interface and centralized access to all their sales materials means that new hires are getting onboarded faster. Since all of their resources are accessible in every meeting, new reps are more confident to dive into pitching the product & helping them close sales faster. In fact, one sales rep closed a deal using Demodesk on her first day at Treatwell!

Want to help your sales reps close more deals, faster? Hop on a call with us here, and we will show you how!

Demodesk is easy to use and has everything you need in one screen

Key Results

- Eliminated ~2 hrs. of admin tasks per day with CRM & scheduling automation - Increased conversion rates by 30% with interactive meetings - Sales reps can close deals on their first day with Playbooks & Battlecards

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