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Demodesk Winter 2023 Release

Demodesk Winter 2023 Release
Veronika Wax
December 21, 2023

As we approach the end of the year, we have some exciting updates to share from Demodesk.

What's new in this release:

🌟 Coming Soon: Coaching & AI to gain reliable insights from customer conversations and improve sales performance.

🚀 Recent enhancements: Explore the latest improvements in Demodesk.

💎 Hidden gems: Discover valuable, lesser-known features within Demodesk.

🌟 Coaching & AI

Save more time with AI-powered note-taking, transcription, and meeting summary

Save more time with AI-powered note-taking, transcription, and meeting summary

Introducing Demodesk's AI Assistant - a powerful tool that simplifies your work. With our AI, you can easily understand complex transcripts without extensive note-taking. Plus, our AI Assistant syncs all your call notes and next steps to your CRM, saving you time and energy.

Unlimited possibilities for insights with AI workflows

Unlimited possibilities for insights with AI workflows

Every meeting is an opportunity to gather valuable insights that can be used to improve your business. Depending on the meeting type, you can let AI fill out frameworks like MEDDIC and SPICED or extract product insights for you. With complete control over how insights are obtained from your conversations, you can transform your business with every meeting.

Gain full transparency from every customer interaction with a single, searchable library

Search transcriptsGain full transparency from every customer interaction with a single, searchable library

Automatically record all customer conversations in a GDPR-compliant manner, regardless of the meeting tool used. You can access your team's recorded customer calls and transcriptions in one searchable global location. This provides a common ground by translating meetings in over 58 languages, including accent detection and industry-specific wording.

🚀 Recent enhancements

Show which meeting lobby participant belongs to

Always be sure who joins your meetings

During your meeting, check out the meeting view to see who's attending and where they're from. This way, you can ensure the right people present to make the most out of your meeting.

More options for fair distribution in routing forms

More flexibility with enhanced routing functionality for sales meetings

Now you have more flexibility with routing. You can choose fair distribution in one routing or across all routings to mirror it to the needs of your workflow and organization.

Design revamp for the settings

We've implemented a more intuitive user interface for the settings, designed to help you navigate your preferred options more easily and quickly. This means you can now manage your settings more efficiently than ever.

Support Salesforce Sandbox

If you want to test your Demodesk setup before using it on production, you can contact our support team to connect to a sandbox environment.

Do not auto-end meeting with 2 participants online in the meeting

Meetings now remain open if there are at least two participants. Previously, meetings would end after 10 minutes if the host left.

Enable audio when sharing local desktop

When sharing your screen locally, you can enable computer audio sharing. This is useful if you have a desktop application with sound. Otherwise, we recommend using the virtual browser for the best video and audio quality.

💎 Hidden gems

Enable notifications

Enable notifications to be alerted if participants join

Get notified if a participant is in your lobby! Ensure your notifications are enabled and that your browser has permissions to send you notifications.

Hide your own video

Hide your own video to avoid meeting fatigue

Have you ever found your own video feed distracting during meetings or presentations? We have the solution for you! Our platform now lets you hide your video feed, allowing you to fully focus on the meeting or presentation without distraction. Maintain your attention where it matters most and increase meeting productivity. Explore this feature and boost your focus!

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