Virtual Screen Sharing

Demodesk solves the online meeting pain with a revolutionary technology.
Skip annoying downloads, issues with joining meetings, cluttered desktops, laggy screen shares, one-sided unengaging presentations... Say hello to the future of Screen Sharing.

The old way to share your screen.
The new way to share your screen.

What’s the revolution?

Traditional tools only record a video of the presenter’s local desktop screen.

We set up a 100% web-based virtual display instead, that anyone can access by just clicking a link.

What’s the benefit?

There are no downloads for no one. Demodesk works with any browser and device.

Sharing content on the virtual display is over 5 times faster than traditional desktop sharing and eliminates lags on the participant side.

Mouse and keyboard control can instantly be shared with multiple participants for real-time collaborative browsing and editing.

Slides, websites, applications or documents can automatically be preloaded on the virtual display, saving you a ton of time and helping you streamline your pitch.

Cluttered desktops, unwanted pop-ups and notifications are a thing of the past. Demodesk enables a beautiful and professional experience for your customer.

Why is it intelligent?

Demodesk is running in a virtual environment, entirely independent from the presenter’s local desktop.

Because of that, Demodesk can show things to the presenter without the participant noticing it.

For the first time ever, it’s possible to assist sales reps in real-time, during the actual conversation, right where they need it. Imagine it like a teleprompter that always provides you with the right content, talk tracks and arguments.

We provide revenue teams with superpowers, making new hires instantly productive and coaching sales & support reps in real-time.

On top, Demodesk is able to analyze significantly more data than traditional video conferencing or screen sharing tools ever could.

For Demodesk, the content shared is not just a video. We exactly know what’s being shared at which point in time. So we can provide marketing and sales with all the insights they need to establish a high-performing revenue team.

Is it secure?

Demodesk is fully GDPR-compliant and applies the latest security standards for data transmission.

Demodesk acts as a proxy server and encrypts all data that is being sent using the latest technologies.

The currently accepted standard for sending and receiving confidential data is 128-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. Demodesk makes your data twice as secure with 256-bit TLS encryption - just as secure as your online banking account.

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