Security & compliance

Screen sharing with complete security

We’ve built a secure environment to ensure your data is always safe and protected.

Security by design

Legacy solutions transfer the presenter's local screen content to another computer over the Internet. Demodesk on the other hand shares only one browser tab. The screen content of that browser tab is generated on a virtual display in the cloud & synced to all participants at the same time.

Since only one browser tab is shared on the virtual machine in the cloud, the presenter has absolute control over the shared content. Unwanted pop-ups and notifications in the presenter's browser tab are disabled by default.

Demodesk automates non-selling tasks & gives reps all the tools & resources they need in real-time to win more deals, faster.
Strict privacy requirements
Encrypted data transmission
Secure data centers
Does Demodesk support custom requirements or co-browsing apps?
Screen sharing and video conferencing that meets high security standards & is 100% GDPR compliant.
Screen sharing at the highest level of security 100% GDPR compliant
Software built in Germany and the US

Enable everyone to be a top performer