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What Revenue Leaders Should Prioritize in 2022

What Revenue Leaders Should Prioritize in 2022

Covid changed the way we sell forever. Trends like hybrid working, virtual events, and video & audio messaging are shaping the new selling environment.

Revenue leaders need to change the way they lead in order to acclimate to this new era of selling and buyer engagement.

To help you be on the cutting edge of effective leadership in 2022, we invited two of the industry’s most innovative leaders Ryan Bott, Global VP of Revenue at Sodexo, and Ryan Burke, Chief Revenue Officer at Qatalog.

Things you’ll learn

  • Trends that are and will be defining Revenue Teams in 2022 and beyond
  • The biggest challenges leaders are facing
  • Adapting leadership styles to the changes in the workforce behavior
  • Top ways revenue leaders can take advantage of emerging sales trends


  • Ryan Bott, Global VP of Revenue at Sodexo
  • Ryan Burke, Chief Revenue Officer at Qatalog

Moderated by: Mallory Lieflander, Director of Revenue Enablement at Demodesk

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