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4 Sales Playbook Templates for Different Sales Stages

Every stage of your sales cycle requires a specific sales play. Reps need to know how to properly showcase their product, ask the right questions to get to know the prospect’s challenges and handle objections during the sales call. This is where your playbooks come in handy.

In these playbook templates, we provide you with:

  • Customizable pitch content
  • A standardized flow for each meeting type
  • Speaker notes to guide your reps

Which playbook templates are included?

  1. Intro call/ qualification playbook
  2. Discovery and product demo overview
  3. Pricing mutual outcome plan
  4. Customer onboarding

Who is this for?

  • Sales Leaders wanting to help reps be more consistent with your sales narrative
  • Sales Enablement Specialists looking to bring more structure to sales rep’s calls.
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