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Screen Sharing

No downloads, works instantly with any browser and device, no lags, collaborative browsing and editing.

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Screen Sharing redefined

We have developed an entirely new approach to Screen Sharing.

Other tools record a video of your local desktop screen. We provide you with a virtual screen instead that runs entirely separate from your local desktop.

Demodesk redefines screen sharing: Not sharing your local desktop screen but rendering shared content on a secure virtual desktop in the cloud.

Increase engagement with collaborative meetings

Both presenter and viewer can interact with websites, web apps and slides simultaneously. Demodesk even lets you share control with multiple parties at the same time.

Work with your customer as if you were sitting next to each other.

Demodesk lets you share control with multiple participants and enables real-time collaborative browsing and editing.

Automatically load your meeting environment

Set up slides and websites to present in advance and let Demodesk automatically load them at the meeting start.

Skip repetitive preparation time, don't waste time with cleaning your desktop or deactivating notifications before the meeting. We automatically load your demo environment and run it on a dedicated virtual screen.

Demodesk automatically preloads slides and websites on the virtual screen at the meeting start.

No downloads, works instantly with any browser and device

Demodesk doesn’t require any downloads or extensions. It works out of the box with any device that has a browser. Anyone can join by clicking a link.

And because Demodesk acts like a normal website, even the strictest firewalls won’t block it.

Demodesk works instantly on desktop, tablet and mobile phones without any download or installation and with all browsers.

Beautifully integrated video calling in the same browser tab

Upgrade your meeting with audio and video conferencing in stunning HD quality, all from within the same browser tab.

We provide local dial-in numbers for virtually any country and area code.
Your customer doesn't have a working computer mic? We'll automatically detect that and ask her to dial-in with her phone.

Demodesk offers HD audio and video conferencing inside the same browser tab.

Simplified screen sharing.
Unbelievable performance.

No downloads

Demodesk is entirely cloud-based. You and your customers never have to download or install anything.

It just works

The platform runs on all devices and smartphones and works with all browsers, down to Internet Explorer 9.

Secure tab sharing

Secure sharing inside a browser tab. Open other tabs and windows without your customer noticing. You can still open multiple tabs inside Demodesk.

Blazing speed

Vastly outperforms traditional screen sharing in both latency and throughput.

High resolution

Optimized for web demos. Your customers see your product at the highest resolution. Handles everything from WebGL to Flash, as well as other video elements.

Optimized view

Resolution can be adjusted to fit your customer’s screen size, greatly improving the customer experience.

One-click invite

Quickly send invite links to your customers. Meetings open in their default browser window with one click. No logins or codes are necessary.

Interactive meetings

Mouse and keyboard control can be shared with multiple parties for collaborative browsing and editing.


Demodesk behaves just like a normal website. It is accepted by even the strictest firewalls.

Start conversations faster, increase engagement
and convert more, happier customers.

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