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New Normal of B2B SaaS Sales: Interview w/ Peter Cohan

Veronika Riederle
August 28, 2020
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New Normal of B2B SaaS Sales: Interview w/ Peter Cohan

There is no business that is exempt from the impact that COVID-19 has had on the world. Some more than others. But what about doing discovery calls? How have they been affected?

In the “New Normal of B2B SaaS Sales” mini-interview series, we invite the top sales leaders to share their insights, learnings, and best practices in regards to what will come next in sales. Rather, what will be “the new normal”?

In this episode, we present Peter Cohan. A Sales Coach and the Principal at Great Demo! Watch the interview to get his tips and tricks for discovery calls as well as insights into the ultimate "Ignition Demo".

Part 1

Key questions answered:

  • Who is Peter Cohan?
  • How has the Discovery process changed with COVID?
  • What mistakes do sales teams typically make when leading up to a demo?
  • Can questions take the place of empathy in Discoveries?

Demodesk Product demo guide

Part 2

Key questions answered:

  • What are Ignition Demos?
  • Why should you use Ignition Demos?
  • How can you best use Ignition Demos?
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