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Automate repetitive preparation and scheduling tasks. Design workflows and integrate with your favorite tools.

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Automate scheduling with booking pages

Demodesk makes it easy for you to schedule meetings with your own customizable booking page. Your clients can easily book meetings with you through the calendar found on your booking page.

You can add other team members to a booking page, customize availabilities, define invitee questions, send invitation emails, and reminders.

The booking page can be shared by email or through an embed code placed on your website.

Demodesk individual booking pages to allow guests to automatically book meetings.

Let prospects directly book on your website

Demodesk makes it easy for your customers to schedule a meeting with you directly from your website by embedding a booking page. You can adapt colors and fonts to match your corporate branding

Demodesk booking links can be embedded on any website.

Automate preparation with flexible templates

Use flexible templates to automate preparation and standardize meetings across your organization. You can preset templates for unlimited meeting types and customer segments.

Predefine meeting duration, conferencing settings, and automatically preload content when the meeting starts.

Demodesk meeting templates can be customized to predefine meeting settings and automate preparation.

Schedule, organize and prepare meetings

Use our dashboard to get an overview of upcoming meetings. You can edit and prepare all your scheduled meetings from within Demodesk.

Schedule and reschedule meetings, prepare content you want to share, invite additional guests, or handover meetings to other members of your team.

Demodesk meeting dashboard providing an overview of upcoming meetings and enabling scheduling, editing and invitation.

Integrate with all your favorite tools

Demodesk integrates with all your favorite email, CRM and, collaboration tools. You can even build custom integrations by accessing the Demodesk API directly.

Demodesk offers integrations with Google, Salesforce, HubSpot, Office 365, Outlook, Zapier and custom API access.

Automated preparation and scheduling
through an effective and time-saving toolset.

Booking pages

Get your own booking page so guests can automatically book meetings with you on your calendar.

Meeting templates

Preset and manage templates. Assign team members and design automated workflows.

Flexible scheduling

Schedule meetings via the Demodesk web app or automate scheduling with Demodesk booking links.

Website booking

Let customers schedule a meeting from your website by embedding your booking page.

Meeting dashboard

The meeting dashboard provides you with an overview of upcoming meetings. You can reschedule, prepare, and edit them as required.

Easy to integrate

Demodesk integrates with your favorite tools and can be modified using our API.

Improve your remote customer interactions.
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