Screen Sharing Platform for Sales & Customer Success

The screen sharing revolution.
No downloads, works with any browser and device, lag-free collaborative browsing and editing.

Comes withautomated schedulingand
real-time sales guidanceto convert more, happier customers online.

Demodesk redefines screen sharing by setting up a virtual screen in the cloud that anyone can access by clicking a link. Comes with beautifully integrated video conferencing in the same browser tab, scheduling automation that integrates with Google, Office 365 and Salesforce and in-meeting real-time assistance.

We revolutionize screen sharing

With Demodesk, youdon't have to share your local desktop.We provide you with avirtual displayon which you can set up websites, apps, slides, videos or documents to present.

Both presenter and viewer can click and type simultaneously.Demodesk lets you even share control with multiple parties at the same time.

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Demodesk works instantly on desktop, tablet and mobile phones without any download or installation and with all browsers.

Collaborate with anyone, instantly

No downloads or extensionsrequired. Demodesk works out of the box with any device and any browser - yes, also Internet Explorer! Anyone can join by just clicking a link.

And because Demodesk acts like a normal website, even the strictestfirewalls won’t block it.

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Demodesk works instantly on desktop, tablet and mobile phones without any download or installation and with all browsers.

Automate scheduling and lead routing

Provide customers with a seamless booking experience,send personalized invites and remindersto reduce no-shows and meeting cancellations.

Let leads automatically book meetings viacustom booking forms.And intelligently hand-off leads from marketing to sales withsmart routingand round robin scheduling.

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Demodesk automates scheduling with booking pages, Google, Office 365 and Salesforce integration. Distribute leads in real-time with advanced round-robin and account-based ownership.

Make anyone a rainmaker

Real-time, automated sales coaching and on-boarding withpersona-specific talk tracksandsales playbooksto assist you in the call.

Automatically load up-to-date, targeted presentation content at the meeting start. Handle sales objections withcheat sheetsandlog noteson the fly.

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Demodesk assists sales reps in real-time with pre-built demo flows, talk tracks, sales playbooks and cheat sheets.

Demodesk integrates with your existing workflow

Salesforce integrationGmail integrationOutlook integrationOffice365 integrationHubspot integrationZapier integrationIntercom integrationflexible API integration

"Demodesk is the best screen sharing tool for SaaS.
It works always, is intuitive to use and integrates with our workflows. Five weeks into Demodesk, we see significantly higher conversion rates for our product demos.
Most sales executives are up 15-20%."

Hanno Renner, CEO Personio.

Hanno Renner, CEO Personio

"We use Demodesk for customer support.
With Demodesk I see the exact same screen as my customer and can guide him through our webapp. In order to share the screen, the customer only needs to click on a link.
No log-ins, no headache."

Max Schuetz, COO Kisi.

Max Schuetz, COO Kisi

Start conversations faster, increase engagement
and convert more, happier customers.

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