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Scheduling ROI Calculator

Time is money. That's why your speed to lead is so important, and 78% of deals go to the first solution provider to respond.

Imagine being the fastest to connect with your prospects, leaving your competitors in the dust.

With Demodesk Scheduling, you can reduce your lead response time to seconds and drive more revenue as a result. Our customers generate, on average, €383K in additional revenue per year with scheduling automation.

But let’s find out how this could impact your company. Use our ROI calculator to see how much you could gain from Demodesk Scheduling.

All you have to do is input your company-specific data in the yellow cells to calculate:

  • Time saved for manual lead distribution
  • Time saved on CRM admin
  • Time saved for follow-up work
  • Decrease in no-show rates
  • Reduction in lead response time
  • Improvement of win rates

Let's find out how optimizing your sales funnel can help you drive more revenue.     

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