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One Feature Framework: How to Sell Your SaaS Product During The Demo

One Feature Framework: How to Sell Your SaaS Product During The Demo
Allie Smith
December 3, 2019

Your SaaS product demo is a golden opportunity to win over all your prospects in one fell swoop. Your primary goal is to engage your prospects by clearly explaining how your SaaS product features uniquely address their business needs or goals.

In most SaaS demos, the tendency is for sales professionals to show as many cool features as possible. Let’s face it, when we believe in our product, it’s natural to get excited about all the innovative functionality.

Unfortunately, this shotgun approach never works. Most SaaS products offer lots of great features and benefits. Prospects can be easily overwhelmed by an onslaught of features, especially if those features don’t tie back to their pain points.

The good news is that when you’ve prepared in advance with a comprehensive discovery, you already know the main pain points and can easily identify the product feature in your software that will “WOW” your prospects.

At Demodesk, our platform has dozens of use cases and features that solve various sales meeting needs. But, we learned early on that in order to sell smartly, we had to go through the process of matching the right product feature and its value proposition to the right prospect type and pain points.

We call this process the One Feature Framework. By identifying and focusing on the one main feature that solves the prospect’s business challenge, the demo becomes laser-focused and our sales have improved.

Let’s dive deeper into how you can take advantage of the One Feature Framework and the steps you’ll need to find the show-stopping SaaS product features that will deliver a winning product demo.‍

One Product Feature Framework - What it is

Why focusing on one product feature works for SaaS demos

The One Feature Framework was developed at Demodesk after we quickly realized that our online meeting tool resonated with a lot of different people in various departments and roles.

For example, many SaaS inside sales reps were interested in our product demoing capabilities, while sales ops professionals wanted to hear more about easy meeting scheduling, and the customer success managers wanted to improve how they onboard Account Executives.‍

One Product Feature Framework Demodesk

We have several types of prospects, each with completely unique pain points to solve. A one-size-fits-all demo would certainly not be effective. But why limit the demo to only one product feature?

“Once we aligned our prospect personas and their pain points with each of our features and value propositions, focusing on the one key feature, we increased engagement and improved overall sales by 30%.”

Joachim Van Erps, Sales Manager at Demodesk.

It turns out, the more targeted and niche the product feature is to your prospects, the better your chances will be of closing a sale. When you find the one feature of your SaaS product that stands out and differentiates itself from the competitors, you’ll grab everyone’s attention.

First impressions are powerful. The One Feature Framework is designed to show how just one aspect of your product can address the prospect’s most pressing needs. They’ll think, “We need this one feature, what else can this product do?”

One feature framework: 4 steps for your SaaS demo

One Product Feature Framework - 4 steps

Step one: develop your one product feature framework matrix

The underlying strategy of the One Feature Framework is that you must have a strong understanding of your target audience, your brand, and your product features in order to match the right feature to the right prospect.

The One Feature Framework Matrix is a type of spreadsheet that maps everything out, so you and the other sales reps in your company can easily select the right features. The matrix includes:

  • Type of prospects (you can create personas)
  • Their goals and value propositions
  • Stats or quotes that apply to that audience
  • Their common pain points
  • Product solutions for those pain points
  • The product features that best solve the pain points

You already know what your product can do, so creating this matrix in advance will help you solve 90% of the demos that come your way. Use it as a guide for the entire department to help them identify the best feature for any particular use case.

One Product Feature Framework - Cheat Sheet

Step two: retell your prospect’s story first

A common misconception about product demos is that they are all about the actual product. It is not even about the one special product feature that you are so excited to share. So what’s the demo really about?

Successful demos highlight your prospect’s business and tell the story of how they will achieve their goals. Use the information learned in Discovery Call, to set the context of your product demo. Make their story specific and personal.

For example, you could say,

"If there’s one thing we’ve learned after giving hundreds of demos is that every business is different and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. You’ve already shared with us how your business will improve if you could solve x.y.and z issues. The purpose of this demo is to show you how you can use our tool to solve those issues specifically.”

Playback what they told about their business needs, and do it in the context of your product. You can give an overview of your product’s value proposition but set up the story to lead prospects to your one key product feature.

The prospect’s business is the hero of the story, but your hero needs that one special product feature to be victorious.

Step three: demo your product feature like a pro

Your prospects are likely expecting a complete product tour. Set their expectations early by explaining that your SaaS product has a lot of functionality, but their demo is customized to show how it specifically meets their needs.

For example, you could say,

"We’ve got over 20 product features to help you, but you told us that you need help in this area. So today we are going to zero-in on the one feature that can help you achieve success.”

One benefit of focusing on just one product feature is that you can spend a lot of time practicing and perfecting your demo. It’s much harder to jump around your product in a short amount of time and show too much.

When you are focused on one product feature with one mission, you’ll know the feature inside and out and come across as an expert.

Demodesk product demo guide

Step four: give them more

The One Feature Framework is effective because, in addition to solving a critical prospect pain point, it creates curiosity and interest. If your SaaS product can solve a big business issue with one feature, imagine what the other features can do!

At Demodesk, we invite people to try our platform for 7 days after the demo so they can see the other product features for themselves. The first impression made in the demo gives prospect’s a taste of the possibilities, and it’s human nature to want to see what else can be done.

After you’ve completed your demo using the One Feature Framework, you should be prepared to share the other features in a follow-up meeting or through a free trial.

Try using the one product feature framework in your next SaaS demo

Putting all your cards on one product feature might seem counter-intuitive, but at the end of the day, you are solving their hottest pain point in a clear and focused manner.

Your SaaS product surely has more than one special feature, but when you realize the feature is only special to some of your prospects, you’ll be able to connect the dots between the prospect persona, their needs, and the one feature that will solve it for them.

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