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Demodesk versus Bridge: Video Consultation for Insurance and Financial Services

 Demodesk versus Bridge: Video Consultation for Insurance and Financial Services
Veronika Wax
November 20, 2023

Since the onset of the Corona pandemic, video consultation has become indispensable in sales. Both customers and employees enjoy the flexibility of virtual customer interaction. Insurance companies and banks, aiming to thrive in today's competitive environment, must offer digital extensions to traditional in-branch consulting.

By implementing the right video consultation solution, financial service providers can elevate their sales organizations to a new level of productivity and not only successfully navigate the digital transformation but also significantly expand their market share.

In this article, we explore the advantages of Demodesk and explain how our video consultation solution differs from Bridge's.

Overview of Demodesk's Advantages

Demodesk is the most innovative and comprehensive video consultation solution on the market, specifically developed for complex products and services. We have received multiple national and international awards for our first purely web-based conference solution, including the main prize from the Federal Ministry of Economics for the best technology in the start-up competition in 2018. We have raised over €10 million in equity financing from leading global investors and have access to the world's most talented and experienced networks.

What sets us apart from Bridge is our use of cutting-edge technologies for automation and AI, along with collaboration with the most innovative clients worldwide. This enables us not only to offer a technically superior video conferencing solution but also a comprehensive and integrated software for sales optimization and management.

Advantages for Consultants

Demodesk supports consultants with state-of-the-art technology, automation, and AI-based assistance throughout the entire consulting process. This is achieved through a simple and intuitively operable software designed for consultants who have had limited exposure to digital technologies. This saves consultants valuable time and assists them in successfully acquiring more clients.

  • Cutting-Edge Experience for consultants and customers with a modern design customizable to your corporate branding; Demodesk's video consultation platform combines all the functions needed for a digital consultation experience in an easy-to-use and intuitive complete solution, available in all common languages.
  • Appointment Scheduling made easy for customers with a customizable booking link that can be seamlessly integrated into any website or sent via email and SMS.
  • Appointment Reminders that can be easily personalized, adjusted, and automatically sent to the client, increasing the likelihood of consultation meetings taking place.
  • Automated Preparation of Sales Materials based on collected customer information, with the provision of a personalized "playbook" for each client directly in the Demodesk meeting window.
  • Real-Time Support for Consultants during meetings, including all relevant presentation content, documents, cheat sheets, assistance with product queries and objection handling, as well as customer data from the CRM, integrated directly into the Demodesk meeting software and visible only to the consultant.
  • Co-Browsing and E-Signature capabilities, allowing joint completion of documents, whiteboards, and any web-based forms, along with digital and legally binding signatures during the conversation.
  • Comprehensive and Automated Documentation through automatic GDPR- and MiFID-compliant recording of the consultation, with optional transcription and summarization using advanced artificial intelligence.
  • Post-Meeting Follow-Up for Clients by sending an AI-supported, template-based summary via email immediately after the meeting ends, without switching to other software.

Advantages for Executives

Demodesk enables scalable training, coaching, and support of sales teams. Sales control and optimization are now easily achievable through the collection and analysis of statistics and conversation content—directly out of the box, without lengthy and expensive IT projects. This way, we assist insurance companies, banks, and financial service providers in increasing revenue, reducing sales costs, and agilely steering and adjusting sales processes.

  • Automated Lead Qualification with customizable questions in booking forms, easily integrated into any website or sent to clients via email and SMS.
  • Automatic Allocation of Leads to the appropriate team and consultant, based on responses to qualification questions and flexible allocation rules. These rules can be defined flexibly, such as by postal code, product interest, workload, consultant's experience, existing customer relationships, or other custom criteria.
  • Standardization of Customer Communication by setting up meeting types for confirming bookings, pre-meeting reminders, and post-consultation follow-up emails. These emails can be sent directly in the name of the consultant through native integration with Google or Microsoft Outlook Suite.
  • Scalable Coaching and Training of Consultants through live support using standardized and centrally available "playbooks." These guides can be automatically tailored to the client and loaded into the Demodesk meeting window when the meeting starts.
  • Individual Live Coaching by participating in client consultations as a silent observer and using the live-chat function with consultants. Valuable for executives, new employees, or marketing and product departments.
  • Automated, Legally Compliant Recording of All Conversations including AI-based transcription, translation, and automated summarization. Summaries can be customized upon request and sent directly to the CRM.
  • Overview of All Consultation Meetings of the entire sales team in an intuitive dashboard with filters and search function:
  • A) Retrospective access to recordings, transcripts, and AI summaries, as well as coaching features like leaving comments at specific points in the conversation or giving feedback on the conversation with customizable scorecards.
  • B) Live participation in meetings as a full participant or silent observer.
  • C) Forward-looking over all scheduled meetings with the option to transfer, reschedule, or cancel meetings.
  • Comprehensive Meeting Statistics in an intuitive dashboard with filters and search functions for all key KPIs such as the number of meetings, completion rates, team performance, content of conversations, or coaching activities. Special analyses can be easily added by our AI team as needed.

Advantages for IT

Demodesk meets all consulting guidelines and data protection standards, offering intuitive usability and customizable options. Its native integrations with leading CRM and email systems, straightforward user management, and over 99% availability make life easier for IT and process managers. We also ensure rapid deployment through comprehensive training and continuous support.

  • Compliance with GDPR, MiFID, FinVermV, and development and hosting in secure data centers in Germany.
  • >99% Availability of our software solution, adhering to the highest software development quality standards.
  • Native Integration with all common CRM systems (Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc.) and email systems (Microsoft 365/Outlook, Google Suite), as well as other widely used sales software solutions.
  • Flexible and Powerful API, easily integrated into any system application to automate workflows and create maximum transparency.
  • Centralized User Management with flexible user rights, central allocation of admin rights, management of integrations, and audit logs.
  • Support in Implementation with live training, educational programs, comprehensive help center documentation, and experienced technical support; with success plans, measurable KPIs, and experience from over 500 projects, we guarantee a successful and rapid introduction.
  • Intuitive Usability also for consultants less versed in technology and easy deployment across the organization through automatic explanatory tours within the Demodesk software and access control systems (SSO); a purely web-based solution, eliminating the need for complex installations.
  • Continuous Support and care from individual German and English-speaking contacts even after implementation to ensure long-term success.
  • Customization to Corporate Design or integration into company-specific systems as a complete white label solution under your domain.
  • Individual Customization and Development of our software to meet user needs; with all IT expertise in-house at Demodesk, we can provide immediate support for any questions or issues.

Feature Comparison Demodesk and Bridge

Feature Comparison Demodesk and Bridge

While Bridge offers a robust video consultation tool for independent insurance sales, Demodesk delivers much more. It combines comprehensive features for process automation, sales coaching, and sales control, along with the most innovative and advanced functions for a unique consultation experience, all in one platform.

In terms of pricing, both solutions are similar, typically around €100 per month for a user license.


Demodesk is an emerging hotshot in the German-speaking market for insurers and financial service providers. We collaborate with the most innovative clients in the insurance and finance sectors, such as Clark, GetSafe, and Sparkasse. Read more about our clients and success stories and learn how we help companies increase closure rates by more than 50%, significantly reduce sales costs, and support sales organizations in scaling digital sales efficiently and effortlessly.

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