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Demodesk records, transcribes and summarizes all your customer conversations with cutting-edge AI. Get actionable analytics, AI-based sales coaching and automate CRM sync.

works with G Meet, MS Teams, Zoom + more

Demodesk Coaching
Call recording
AI Meeting Assistant

Let AI Take Notes, Transcribe and Summarize Calls

  • The Demodesk AI Assistant automatically condenses transcripts into meaningful summaries so you can fully focus on the conversation
  • Automatically sync call notes and next steps to all the right places in your CRM to ensure diligent documentation without the manual busywork
  • Let the AI Assistant generate follow-up emails ready to send to your customer so you keep up the deal momentum and get more things done in less time
Recording Library

A Single, Searchable Library for All Your Customer Meetings

  • Automatically record all customer conversations with the GDPR compliant Demodesk bot
  • Access your team’s customer calls recorded and transcribed in a single, searchable, global location
  • Provide a common ground by translating meetings in 98 languages, including accent detection and industry specific wording
Sales coaching
Meeting analytics

All Conversational Statistics and Metrics in One Place

  • Get a bird’s eye view on all important meeting statistics like meetings held, no-show rates, meeting duration or any custom metric that’s important for your business
  • Detect overall patterns and anomalies by analyzing conversational metrics like talk time, speaker ratio, monologues, talk speed and more
  • Easily identify areas for improvement by comparing team performance with industry best practices
AI Sales Coach

Make Sales Coaching a Breeze

  • Provide feedback for every call using scorecards and QA checklists
  • Use pre-built scorecards that are based on popular sales methodologies (e.g. BANT, MEDDIC, SPICED) or set up your own company-specific processes
  • Let the Demodesk AI automatically pre-fill scorecards and QA checklists and add human feedback where it really matters to help salespeople increase performance with every call

Demodesk Seamlessly Works with Your Existing Stack

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