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New Product Launch: Demodesk Coaching & AI

New Product Launch: Demodesk Coaching & AI
Veronika Wax
April 19, 2024

We’ve been building sales meeting software for 5 years. From day one, our vision was to enable every seller to become a top performer. We built a video conferencing platform that guides sellers in real-time along codified playbooks, talk tracks and battlecards. Sales leaders have the ability to codify the perfect sales process into our platform so anyone in their team can follow best practices. To date, we’ve onboarded over 500 companies to our platform who are using it on a daily basis and achieved amazing results with up to 50% increase in demo close rates.

After we’ve been speaking to thousands of sales leaders, we realized that there was even a bigger problem than sellers who are not following the process. Sales leaders often don’t have the time to watch hours of recordings to find out what top performers are doing different than the rest. And even if they knew, constantly coaching and training every team member individually is challenging and requires a lot of time and experience. On top, there is not just one single way of selling but some things might work for certain reps while they don’t work for others.

We noticed the need for a solution that

  • Provides an X-Ray vision across calls to quickly identify improvement areas and gain insights that make a difference - without spending hours on watching recordings, reviewing transcripts or decodifying conversational statistics
  • Provides instant, actionable feedback on every recorded sales meeting to help sales reps increase their performance - without team leads having to work overhours or holding a phd in sales coaching and data analytics
  • Provides instant value for sales teams while eliminating set-up effort and IT-heavy implementation, is affordable and intuitive to use for everyone, and is built for the seller, making them as successful and productive as possible

How Demodesk Coaching & AI is different from what’s existing

  • Automatically transcribes, summarizes and extracts key insights from sales calls using battle-proven prompts (e.g. BANT, MEDDIC, SPICED), works in 98 languages
  • Automatically logs all relevant information into your Salesforce, HubSpot or Pipedrive CRM without you lifting a finger
  • Integrated AI Coach that automatically provides instant, personalized, and actionable feedback after every sales call to make everyone a top performer. We leverage best-in-class AI combined with insights from >1 million sales calls and frameworks from leading sales coaches
  • No implementation required, free trial for everyone, set up in 10 seconds, works out of the box with Zoom + Google Meet + MS Teams, integrates with any dialing or sales enablement software, intuitive and easy to use while easily customizable

Is the product perfect yet? No :) We have so many things on our roadmap that this would go beyond a digestible blog post. But we’re as committed and excited as never before and know that our product can have an huge impact on every sales team out there.

Listen to what first users say:

  • Demodesk provides by far the best quality of summaries in the market”
  • “I was able to increase my demo close rate from 26% to 37% with the Demodesk AI Coach”
  • “Finally a product that gives me specific recommendations how to increase my performance.”

What are you waiting for? Sign up here to try Demodesk Coaching & AI for free, send it to a friend or speak with us.

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