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Demodesk Fall 2023 Release

Demodesk Fall 2023 Release
Veronika Wax
October 23, 2023

As we welcome the Fall, we are excited to introduce a series of significant updates to Demodesk. These enhancements are designed to enhance your sales coaching and meeting experience, ensuring you step into the new season with advanced capabilities and invaluable insights in your toolkit!

Explore what's new in this release:

🌟 Introducing Coaching Plus: A premium add-on to elevate your coaching experience.

🎬 Enhanced recording experience: Analyse speaker ratios and timelines to make more out of your recordings.

🚀 Meeting experience enhancements: Explore the latest improvements for smoother meetings.

💎 Hidden gems: Discover valuable, lesser-known features within Demodesk to maximize your benefits.

🤖 Coming Soon: Demodesk & AI

Introducing Coaching Plus 🔥

Demodesk Coaching for efficient sales coaching
Demodesk Coaching Plus for efficient sales coaching

Are you looking to enhance your sales coaching to achieve outstanding results? Our Coaching Plus add-on is precisely what sales teams need to improve their sales performance.

With Coaching Plus, you'll have access to premium features, including:

  • Contextual Comments: Provide insightful and relevant feedback for meetings.
  • Meeting Scorecards: Elevate your coaching with structured and consistent assessments.
  • Extended Storage: Keep your recordings for up to a year, ensuring you never lose valuable insights.
  • Bookmark Recordings: Create a comprehensive library of best practices for streamlined onboarding and training, establishing a foundation for ongoing success.

🎬 Enhanced recording experience

A new central library for all your recordings

A recording library for all your meetings
A recording library for all your meetings

Your recordings now have a new home on your meetings tab, making them easily accessible. Bookmark this page for quick access to your and your teammates' recordings.

Speaker Timelines

Speaker Timelines to coach data-driven
Speaker Timelines to coach data-driven

Are you curious about the balance of your sales meetings? Speaker Timelines help you understand how the conversation progressed and identify opportunities for improvement. Easily visualize meeting patterns and use speaker ratios to guide data-driven coaching. Dive into specific moments instantly.

Simplifying your work with recordings

No need to wait! Your recordings are now instantly available right after your meetings. Easily share them directly with your prospects or include a recording link in your follow-up emails. Additionally, you can share specific moments from a recording, allowing it to start playing from a particular point. Recordings will automatically start when an external participant joins.

🚀 Recent enhancements

Camera resizing

Resizing cameras for a smooth meeting experience
Resizing cameras for a smooth meeting experience

Enhance your meeting experience by customizing your video feeds with our seamless camera resizing feature! As the host, you can adjust the ratio between the video feed and the virtual browser to suit your preferences. Learn more.

Hide your own video

Hide your own video to focus on your prospects
Hide your own video to focus on your prospects

Have you ever found your own video feed distracting during meetings or presentations? We have the solution for you! Our platform now lets you hide your own video feed, allowing you to fully focus on the meeting or presentation without any self-distraction. Maintain your attention where it matters most and increase meeting productivity. Explore this feature and boost your focus!

💎 Hidden gems

Pause screen

Pause the screen to provide a frictionless demo
Pause the screen to provide a frictionless demo

We've all been there - in the whirlwind of back-to-back meetings, we often rush to prepare. Forgetting to log in or set up properly can be frustrating, especially when a customer is already in the meeting.

With our Pause Screen feature, those hectic moments are a thing of the past. You can discreetly pause the screen for participants, giving you the time needed to make necessary preparations without interruptions, ensuring a seamless demo experience. Learn more here.

Fast Audio Onboarding

Speed up your audio onboarding experience
Speed up your audio onboarding experience

Confident that your microphone and speakers are ready to go? Then activate our fast audio experience! As the host, you can disable the comprehensive audio onboarding check in the settings here. This means you won't be prompted to test your microphone and speakers every time, allowing you to join your meetings more quickly.

🤖 Coming Soon: Demodesk & AI

We're working on some further exciting enhancements at Demodesk! Soon, you'll be able to easily find key moments using transcriptions, save time with readable conversations, enable global coaching with transcript translations, and receive concise AI summaries for more efficient post-meeting workflows.

Interested in being part of this innovation? Reach out and join us as a customer advisor to gain priority access and help shape our evolving features. Stay tuned for more transformative updates!

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