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Let anyone join instantly

Demodesk is entirely browser-based and requires no downloads, installations, plugins or registrations.

All you have to do is send a unique meeting link to your guests. With one click, they can connect from any device and browser, all the way down to IE9.

Demodesk works just like a normal website and is firewall-friendly.

Demodesk works instantly on desktop, tablet and mobile phones without any download or installation and with all browsers.

Share content securely from the safety of your browser tab

Demodesk has redefined the way you share your screen. With our platform, you don’t have to share your local desktop anymore. Share your content using our cloud-based virtual machines.

Never worry about accidentally sharing things you don’t want your customers to see. Demodesk only shares what’s happening inside of your browser tab, meaning you can open other tabs and windows without fear.

Demodesk makes it easy for you to switch between different browser tabs..

Demodesk secure screen sharing runs entirely in the browser, other applications and notifications can be left open without the customer noticing.

Automate scheduling with personal booking links

Create your own Demodesk scheduling page so guests can automatically book meetings on your calendar.

Add other team members to get team scheduling links, customize availabilities, booking questions, invitation emails, and reminders.

You can share your booking links via email, embed it on your website, or use them in your team.

Demodesk easily integrates with your calendar and existing CRM tools.

Demodesk individual booking pages, integration with Google calendar, Salesforce, Hubspot and custom applications.

Automate preparation with flexible templates

Demodesk automatically loads the content you want to share with your guests when your meeting starts. Use our flexible meeting templates to automate and standardize preparation across the entire sales team.

Since you only share what’s inside the browser tab, you can safely leave all applications and notifications running during the meeting.

Demodesk flexible meeting templates to preset meeting duration, conferencing settings, shared content, email invites and reminders.

Trusted by high performing sales and customer success teams

"Demodesk is the best screen sharing tool for SaaS. It works always, is intuitive to use, and integrates with our workflows. Five weeks into Demodesk, we see significantly higher conversion rates for our product demos. Most sales executives are up 15-20%."

Hanno Renner, CEO Personio.

Hanno Renner, CEO

"We’ve tried many different screen sharing tools but we weren’t happy with any of them. Demodesk finally solves the screen sharing pain. My sales reps are now 5-10% more productive each day. And Demodesk took our product demos to a more professional level."

Mathias Salomon, Head of Growth FreightHub.

Mathias Salomon, Head of Growth

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