Boost customer retention with collaborative screen sharing and work with your customer like you're together

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Onboard customers in their own account and increase retention by over 20%

Shared web sessions

Instant control sharing

Scroll, click and edit together

Multiple mouse cursors

Demodesk redefines screen sharing: Not sharing your local desktop screen but rendering shared content on a secure virtual desktop in the cloud.

Effortless, no-download screen sharing that works with any browser & device

No downloads or plugins

100% browser-based

Join with any browser and device

One-click invite

Demodesk works instantly on desktop, tablet and mobile phones without any download or installation and with all browsers.

Upgrade your session with HD video & audio, desktop sharing and recording

Integrated HD audio & video

Local dial-in numbers

Two-sided desktop sharing

Session recording

Demodesk lets you share control with multiple participants and enables real-time collaborative browsing and editing.

Compliant and secure toolset to ensure highest security standards

Fully GDPR compliant

256-bit TLS encryption

Team permissions

No session data stored

Demodesk is GDRP compliant, encrypts all data with 256-bit TLS and never stores any session data.

Trusted by high performing sales and customer success teams

"Since we started using Demodesk for our onboarding process, we have seen customer retention rates increasing by about 20%. With Demodesk I can easily share mouse control with my customers and engage them in the conferencing session. That was a real game changer for us."

Laurenz Kalthoff, VP Customer Success Building Radar.

Laurenz Kalthoff, VP Customer Success

"We use Demodesk for customer support. With Demodesk I see the exact same screen as my customer and can guide him through our webapp. In order to share the screen, the customer only needs to click on a link. No log-ins, no headache."

Max Schuetz, COO Kisi.

Max Schuetz, COO

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