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Increase customer retention with interactive onboarding

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Have interactive meetings

With Demodesk you can share mouse and keyboard control with your customer instantly. You can even share control with multiple parties at the same time.

Collaboratively browse and edit content together with your customer.

You can still intervene anytime you want.

Demodesk browser-based screen sharing enables control sharing and co-browsing with multiple parties.

Work together in your customer's account

Imagine learning to drive a car by sitting in the passenger seat. That's how remote customer onboarding and support works today with traditional screen sharing applications.

With us, you can share your web app inside Demodesk and let your customer login into her account. Let your customer sit in the driver’s seat and interact with your product while watching her. Intervene anytime you want.

Demodesk screen sharing technology enables interactive customer onboarding

Let anyone join instantly

Demodesk is purely browser-based and requires no downloads, installations, plugins or registrations.

Send the unique meeting link to your guests. The meeting opens in their default browser with one click on the link. Works with any device and browser down to IE 9.

Demodesk behaves just like a normal website. So it even works behind very strict firewalls.

Demodesk browser-based screen sharing working with laptop, tablet and smartphone, the unique meeting link opens with one click in any browser.

Integrate with all your favorite tools

Integrate with your email, CRM and collaboration tools. Build custom integrations by accessing the Demodesk API directly.

Demodesk offers integrations with Google, Salesforce, HubSpot, Office 365, Outlook, Zapier and custom API access.

Trusted by high performing sales and customer success teams

"Since we started using Demodesk for our onboarding process, we saw customer retention rates increasing by about 20%. With Demodesk I can easily share mouse control with my customers and engage them in the conferencing session. That was a real game changer for us."

Laurenz Kalthoff, VP Customer Success Building Radar.

Laurenz Kalthoff, VP Customer Success

"We use Demodesk for customer support. With Demodesk I see the exact same screen as my customer and can guide him through our webapp. In order to share the screen the customer only needs to click on a link. No log-in, no headache."

Max Schuetz, COO Kisi.

Max Schuetz, COO

Have better remote customer interactions.
With Demodesk virtual desktop sharing.

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