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Demodesk Scheduling

All-In-One Scheduler Made For Sales Teams

  • Automate scheduling & lead routing in one place
  • Pay per user, no platform fee
  • Start immediately, no credit card required
Demodesk Scheduling ResultsDemodesk Scheduling Results

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Compare Demodesk with Chili Piper

Demodesk provides you booking links, meeting handoff, and embedding of booking forms included in one straightforward price. With our limited-time deal, you streamline scheduling without expanding your budget.

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Demodesk Scheduling

Instant Booker


Form Concierge


*All prices are displayed with the discount for an annual plan
** Form Concierge plan includes a platform fee that increases with the number of monthly form submissions

per user / month
per user / month
per user / month
per user / month

Booking links

Create professional on-brand booking links displayed in prospect’s language and time zone

Website forms

Let prospects schedule meetings directly on your website

Lead qualification & routing

Qualify and route leads to the right rep in real-time

Easy implementation

Set up meeting types and routing forms with a guided tour

Automatic tracking of no-shows & meeting status

Save time on updating the status of each meeting

Native CRM integration

Automatically log meeting details and maintain a centralized view of all client interactions

Routing by CRM owner

Automatically connect lead to the existing account’s owner

What makes Demodesk Scheduling stand out:

  • Flexible workflow automation
  • Straightforward setup
  • Booking links, meeting handoff, and embedding of booking forms included in one straightforward price
  • Automatic no-show and meeting status tracking
  • Advanced meeting management options
  • Data hosting in Germany
  • Native integration with Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce
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per user
no platform fee
All-in one scheduling & lead distribution tool
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*monthly price billed annually
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platform fee
(starting price)
+ $90
per user
Includes products:
  • Instant Booker
  • Handoff
  • Concierge + Distro Bundle
*monthly price billed annually

It’s a game-change.
Don’t just take our word for it.

“With Demodesk we reduced speed to lead time to seconds - now prospects are reached out to instantly.”

Katherine Fisher
Sales Operations Manager
@ Localyze

“SDR to AE Handoff is completely automated now. That accelerated our sales cycles by 10%.

Benjamin Sondheimer
Senior Revenue Operations Manager @ Forto

“Demodesk saved our reps 2 hours per day by automating scheduling, CRM documentation and email follow-up.”

Marjorie Poyen
FR Supply Director @ Treatwell

“The automation and email reminders alone save us so much time that Demodesk pays for itself.

Tim Lippman
Head of Sales DACH @ Papershift

Booking page

Booking links & pages

Let prospects schedule time with you, in seconds

Stop sending back-and-forth emails to schedule meetings and let your prospect book meetings instantly. Create professional and on-brand booking links that you can easily embed into your website, campaign, or email signature. Do your customers speak another language? No problem. With Demodesk Scheduling you can display your booking links in one of the six supported languages of your choice.

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Lead qualification & distribution

Convert hot leads into meetings, faster

Customers like Localyze reduce their speed to lead time by 99% and improve routing accuracy by over 30% with Demodesk Scheduling. Spot high-intent leads on your website, use screening questions to qualify them in real time, & automatically convert them into meetings with the right rep.

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Automated lead routing
Fair lead distribution

Meeting handoff & routing

Automate meeting handoff process

Ensure every rep receives their fair share of meetings using powerful round-robin rules and lead-to-account matching automation. Reduce no-show rates with automated invites and reminders to prospects about upcoming demos.

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CRM automation

Keep your CRM updated without the hassle

Eliminate manual data entry by automatically logging meeting details into your CRM. Demodesk Scheduling, offers a native integration with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Pipedrive.

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CRM Integration
GDPR Compliant Scheduling

Meetings scheduled with the highest level of security and data privacy

  • GDPR compliant
  • SO/IEC 27001 compliant
  • Highly secure data centers

Integrate with the tools you use

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Email & Calendar
Google Suite
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Email & Calendar
Microsoft Outlook
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