Data Protection and IT Security at Demodesk

Data protection and information security are key elements of Demodesk's products and services. Protecting your data and earning your trust is pivotal to us. Therefore, we have implemented and keep on developing technical and organizational measures to ensure secure processing of information.

General Information on Data Protection

How does Demodesk ensure that employees handling orders are familiar with the legal requirements on data protection?
What else does Demodesk do at organizational level to ensure that personal data is protected and IT systems are secure?
What happens if there is a data breach at Demodesk?
Has the application been developed in accordance with the stipulations for data protection by design and by default?
Is the application compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)?

Encryption & Pseudonymisation

Is the data encrypted for transmission?

Confidentiality & Integrity

Where is the data stored?
Who at Demodesk and its service providers has access to customer data?
What does Demodesk do to prevent unauthorized access to customers’ systems?
How does user authentication work?
Who has access to which data on the customer side?

Availability & Capacity

What does Demodesk do to ensure availability of the system?


Are backups done on a regular basis or do we have to back up our own data?
What happens to the customer data in case of a total failure of our system, e.g. by force majeure or similar events?

Purpose Limitation

Who owns the data?
What happens to the data if a customer terminates the agreement or Demodesk goes out of business?

Procedure for Verifying Security

How often and by whom is secure processing verified?
Does Demodesk carry out vulnerability scans or penetration tests?

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