Spend more time talking to customers and not scheduling meetings. Provide a seamless booking experience and automate scheduling.

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Get meetings automatically booked

Let leads and customers directly book a meeting on your calendar.
Embed your booking page on your website with a simple Javascript snippet or send the link to your booking page via email.

Unlimited personal and team booking pages to let customers book a meeting on your calendar. Send via email or embed on your website.

Let your best leads call you

Qualify prospects in real-time and let your best leads directly start a call with you when you are available.
Stop losing SQLs to competitors – talk to your best prospects instantly.

Leads and customers can be qualified in real-time and either start a call instantly or book a meeting on your calendar.

Intelligent hand-off from SDR to AE

Automatically route prospects and customers to the right rep based on advanced round robin rules, account-based ownership and availabilities.
Intelligent scheduling and automatic hand-off even works without ever leaving Salesforce.

Customers will be assigned to the right rep in real-time based on advanced round robin and account-based ownership.

Manage team roles and availabilities

Assign territories, set time frames and define buffers to prevent back-to-back meetings.
Manage SDRs, AEs, demos and prospects at scale with customizable team roles and permissions.

Team availabilities can be easily set based on flexible criteria like territories or personas for multiple meeting types.

Send personalized invites and reminders

Create personalized invites and reminders and automatically send them to your participants.
Make sure your customer actually shows up and reduce no-shows by over 50%.

Send custom, personalized invites and automated reminders to slash no-shows and start meetings on time.

Demodesk easily integrates with your existing stack

Demodesk integrates with Google, Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce and many more. Connect your accounts by simply clicking a link - no downloads or additional setups required. Build custom integrations by accessing the Demodesk API directly.

Team availabilities can be easily set based on flexible criteria like territories or personas for multiple meeting types.

Automated preparation and scheduling
through an effective and time-saving toolset.

Booking pages

Get your own booking page so guests can automatically book meetings with you on your calendar.

Meeting templates

Automatically load multiple pages and documents with meeting start. Assign team members and design automated workflows.

Flexible scheduling

Schedule meetings via the Demodesk web app or automate scheduling with integrations and booking links.

Website booking

Let customers schedule a meeting from your website by embedding your booking page.

Meeting dashboard

The meeting dashboard provides you with an overview of upcoming meetings. You can reschedule, prepare, and edit them as required.

Easy to integrate

Demodesk integrates with your favorite tools and can be modified using our API.

Perform better demos, onboard customers faster,
automate manual tasks and scale your team