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Video Conferencing

How is Demodesk different from other video conferencing platforms?

Demodesk is the meeting platform built specifically for sales. We enable reps to not just conduct meetings, but convert them into revenue.

How is Demodesk different from other video conferencing platforms?
User Centrics

“We are beating our competitors on meeting experience”

Daniel Jill S
Sales Manager

We are hosting all of our SaaS product demos in Demodesk. It helps the potential and existing customers to remember us and our products. The "share control" feature is fantastic. And the customized playbooks for demos are realy helpfull.

“Smart and very useful tool for SaaS - Presentations ”

Jan Philip L
Head Of Business Development

The use of Demodesk has become an integral part of my SaaS - Presentations. It is a very powerful tool which is ready for immediate use. I recommend this software to anyone who is looking for a responsive meeting tool. Easy to use for everybody!

“My sales are up with Demodesk”

Julia E
Sales Manager

My staff has improved product sales thanks to our real-time and remote customer support that can be achieved using this platform. I highly recommend Demodesk for demos of products such as software, data analysis, tutorials or the remote use of technical support. I use it to make sales demos and it is a delight in that.

“The most holistic video conferencing platform for sales and customer success”

Justus W

Demodesk allows us to make use of the overall journey from speaking to a prospect, over to a lead, over to the customer. Starting with calendly-link scheduling, fully integrated with Salesforce, then moving on to the actual discovery call, and then to the demo meeting. All meetings are automatically prepared based on a pre-set playbook. After each call, a meeting summary can be sent as a follow-up in minutes.

Compare on features that impact sales

See what buyers on G2 are saying about their experience. Demodesk scores higher in the following categories that matter most for customer-facing meetings.

Why choose Demodesk over

Generic meeting tools like Zoom and Google Meet facilitate a conversation – and that’s about it.

But when it comes to sales-specific processes, you need a platform that helps you impress prospects, bring new reps up to speed fast, and drive efficiency.

That's where we believe Demodesk is a stronger fit.

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Demodesk is right for you if...

You are selling SaaS or a web app product

Product demos are the most powerful part of the sales process, especially for SaaS companies. Generic meeting tools are notorious for lagging, particularly during sales conversations that involve screen-sharing.

Demodesk eliminates the risk of screen sharing by providing the virtual display directly from the server – not a live stream from the rep’s desktop.

This gives sales reps complete control over what their prospect sees vs. what’s visible on their screen. It also allows sales reps to keep their battle cards and scripts on hand without seeming unprofessional or disengaged.

You are selling in a hybrid/remote mode

Generic meeting tools like Zoom immediately cause friction in sales conversations by pushing prospects to download the software before they can access the meeting.

With a meeting tool that’s built for sales, prospects only need to click a link to access your meeting within their browser. It’s that simple!

You want customers to engage with your product

With traditional video tools, you’re showing your prospects what’s happening on your screen. They’re just watching, not interacting with you.

With Demodesk, sales reps can include opportunities for prospects to discover, explore, and collaborate with the product during the sales demo – without having to download additional software.

Sales meetings conversions drive success of your business

Our customers like Personio, Oyster, Forto raised more than €1.5B in the past year. Demodesk played an important role in their growth by empowering their reps to have effective customer conversations.

Zoom/Meet/Teams is right for you if…

You host webinars or virtual events

If you are looking for a webinar platform, you may want to consider Zoom. It brings HD video and audio to your meetings with support for up to 1000 video participants and 49 videos on screen.

You have only 1-1 internal / personal meetings

Traditional video conferencing mediums are just enough to meet with your colleagues, family, friends. If you’re doing remote sales, consider using a meeting tool built for customer conversations.

You are not in a selling role

HR, finance, marketing and other professionals can also benefit from modern sales tools like Demodesk. Yet, interviews and internal meetings are not our main case. We’re focuing on enabling sales leaders and customer-facing reps to win more deals and drive sales efficiency.

Convert more meetings into revenue