Demodesk vs Zoom

Demodesk offers a web-based screen sharing and is 100% browser-based. Unlike Zoom, Demodesk's disprutive online screen sharing technology enables frictionless and professional sales demos and truly interactive onboarding and support sessions with customers.

No downloads or extensions
Works with any device, browser and firewall
Web-based Screen Sharing
Local desktop sharing
Co-browsing & Co-editing
HD Audio & Webcam
International Dial-in Numbers
Host controls
Dial-out / Call Me
Preload Presentation Content
Sales Playbooks
Cheat Sheets
Note Taking & CRM Sync
Integrated Scheduling Suite
Custom Booking Forms
Custom Branding & White Label
Multi-languages & Time Zone Detection
Real-time calendar sync
Salesforce integration
HubSpot integration
Admin Dashboard & User Management
Advanced Reporting & Analytics

How Demodesk compares to Zoom

Zoom is a desktop-based video conferencing tool offering webcam, calling and meeting features. It is also popular for its lightweight installer and the ability to maintain a video connection by adjusting quality depending on bandwidth.

Compared to Zoom, which focuses on providing broader video conferencing functionality, Demodesk is laser-focused on customer-facing online meetings, serving inside sales and customer success teams. On top of that, Demodesk offers automated scheduling & on-boarding, integrated real-time sales assistance, and automated CRM logging as well as advanced reporting & analytics to accelerate sales and success.

Demodesk lets you share             control with multiple participants and enables real-time collaborative browsing and editing.

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